Closet Works Garage Floor Systems: Tiles and Epoxy Floor Coating

Garage Floors Finishing Touches Make or Break a Space

Why stop at the walls when modernizing your garage with a custom storage system? At many homes, everyone enters and exists through the garage — including guests. Finishing touches like flooring can make or break the space — and the right one will leave you feeling proud when visitors pay a call. All garage floor systems from Closet Works are highly durable and designed to withstand the daily wear and tear from driving a car continuously over them, including one that is dripping with the salt and slush of a typical Chicago winter. Two types of floor systems are offered at Closet Works: professional grade epoxy coatings and FloorTech tiles by WeatherTech®. Both are so attractive, you needn't limit them only to the garage. Try them in a mud room, play room or basement as well — they look great and are low maintenance!

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Professional Grade Epoxy Coatings

Chicagoland winters are harsh, cold and salt will cause your unfinished concrete garage floor to crack and crumble. Protect your floor and enhance the look of your garage with a professional grade epoxy floor.

  • Provides a seamless concrete finish that is extremely durable, dust-free, easy-to-clean epoxy floor that requires minimal maintenance. Applications are done with strict concrete preparation methods and high-performance products that will not peel or wear-through like most paints or sealants. Epoxy floor systems resist stains from household cleaners, road salt, oils, gasoline, lubricants, etc.
  • Floor is long-lasting due to concrete being professionally prepared by highly skilled and certified craftsmen before installing the epoxy system. Many color options are available to coordinate with your garage storage cabinets.

Color Flake Options for Epoxy Floors

Professional grade epoxy floor system beige blend color option
Beige Blend
Professional grade epoxy floor system brown blend color option
Brown Blend
Professional grade epoxy floor system saddle tan color option
Professional grade epoxy floor system sedona beige and brown with terra cotta color mix option
Grey Blend
Professional grade epoxy floor system creek bed - gray with brown and red accent color mix option
Creek Bed
Professional grade epoxy floor system warm gray blend color mix option
Salt — Pepper
Professional grade epoxy floor system terrazzo blend color mix option