Garage Accessories

Garages can get messy quickly. If you're like most of us, your garage tends to become a collectiing spot of all miscellaneous household goods, sports gear, and yard maintenance items. Often, the clutter takes over to the point that many homes don't have room for the car — a large investment that when left outdoors can suffer damage from UV exposure, bird droppings and tree sap. Organization systems can not only clean up the garage, but the multitude of accessories available allow you to be better organized and fit much more into the space. View the photos below to see some of the many great garage accessories offered by Closet Works that expand the functionality of your garage organization system. We offer garage accessories for both overhead storage and wall storage utilizing the strong, anodized aluminum Omni Track® wall track system, with enough solutions to efficiently store almost anything you could think of keeping in a garage.

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overhead storage racks for garage organization system
Overhead Storage
Ladder and surf board hook for garage organization system
Ladder/Surf Board Hook
Iron plus ironing board holder
Overhead Bike Hook
Lawn and Garden accessory kit for Garage organization system
Omni Track Lawn & Garden Kit
Work bench and craft bench accessory kit for Omni Track organization system
Work/Craft Bench Kit
Sports kit accessory for Omni Track garage organization system
OmniTrack Sports Kit
basic aluminum wall track for omni track system
Wall Track
Aluminum Edge for Omni Track garage organization system
Aluminum Edge
Utility hook for Omni Track garage organization system
Utility Hook
Screw in hook
Screw-In Utility Hook
Omni Track Single Hook Accessory
Single Hook
Omni Track Screwdriver Hook
Screwdriver Hook
Omni Track Pliers and scissors tool hook
Plier/Scissors Holder
Omni Track paper holder accessory holds 2 rolls of paper
Roll Paper Holder
Shelf bracket accessory for the Omni Track garage organization system
Shelf Brackets
Omni Track garden tool hook for rakes, shovels and brooms
Garden Tool Hook
Hook for storing wrenches or keys on the Omni Track garage organization system
Wrench Hooks
Hook for hanging hammers, flashlights and brushes on the Omni Track System
Hand Tool Hook
Storage bins for holding small items on the Omni Track System
Storage Bins
Omni Track activity rack for skis, hockey sticks, snowboards and lacrosse
Activity Rack for Skis
Fourteen inch utility hook for Omni Track System
14" Utility Hook
Sixteen Inch Utility Hook for Omni Track System
16" Utility Hook
Hook to hold wire baskets on the Omni Track system
Wire Basket Hook
Hose, rope and extension cord hook for Omni Track System
Hose Hook
Hook to Hold Fishing Rods on the Omni Track wall track system
Fishing Rod Holder
Bike, golf bag, leaf blower hook for Omni Track
Bike, Golf Bag, Leaf Blower Hook
Bike hoist for overhead storage of bicycles
Overhead Bike Hoist
Bike Rack for two bicycles
Floor Bike Rack
Gravity stand holds two bicycles
Bike Stand
laser park assist system for two car garage
Dual Laser Park Assist
laser park assist system for one car garage
Single Laser Park Assist
Outdoor matt available in black, gray, brown and tan
Outdoor Mat
Indoor matt available in black, gray, brown and tan
Indoor Mat
Weather Tech brand boot tray
Boot Tray
Garage storage cabinet leg leveler
Leg Leveler