Public Library

School Library: Bookshelves, counter and built-in desk

Project Description

This public library building needed storage for lots and lots of books! Closet Works coverd the walls with custom shelving on all sides of the room. The dark Libretti finish compliments the black legs on the work stations and desks. A counter area for pamphlets and open space to mount a video monitor for digital signage and announcements was included along the front wall. A built-in desk area is included along the rear wall. The rest is all bookshelves. Most of the bookshelves are the same size, but cetain areas were included for oversize tomes.

All panels are full bore, allowing shelves to be moved and repositioned as needed. Traditional crown and base moulding was included in the design for an old-world traditional feeling.

  • Libretti laminate
  • Traditional crown and base moulding
  • Floor based system
public library view with front wall, countertop and medai center
public library view with rear wall and built-in desk area