July 2014

Closet Blog: Details Count — How To Make the Most of Your Closet

Pull-Out Valet Rod for Closet Organization System

Want to get started on your own Closet Works custom closet system or an organizational system for another space in your home this summer? Call us toll free at 800-4-CLOSET or visit us our appointment page to set up a free consultation.

The Ultimate Guide To Closet Works Closet Accessories

From belt-racks and jewelry boxes, your closet system will benefit from closet organizing accessories. Take a look at some of what we have to offer in our excellent selection of closet accessories.

  1. Clear shelf divider:
    Acrylic Shelf Divider is Great for Organizing Closet Shelves
  2. Pull out hamper with basket and liner:
    Canvas Liner for Wire Basket Available in Nine Sizes
  3. Shoe fencing:
    Shoe Fence for use with Slanted Shelves Keeps Shoes from Falling
  4. Jewelry divider insert:
    Acrylic Jewelry Organizer Available in Three Sizes
  5. Jewelry drawer lock:
    Drawer Lock with Key for Securing Valuables
  6. Lingerie Divider:
    Lingerie and Bra Drawer Divider