May I Please Have A Bigger Closet?

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May I Please Have A Bigger Closet?


While we're no longer living in the time when consumer consumption was cool and adding toys to our toy boxes was the goal, we still want more closet space.

At least according to New York Times reporter Elissa Gootman and her recently published article -

In fact, in urban markets like Chicago and New York, closet space can mean as much as a $30,000 difference in the selling price of a condo (that's priced in the $400,000-$500,000 range).

Say what???????


Walk In Closet 3-Way Mirror

Yes. According to the example used in the article where a homeowner removed the permanent closets and put in IKEA wardrobes. People seem to have an insatiable desire for storage space and the idea of living an organized life.

"It's a comment I hear almost everyday from my clients," says Designer Tim Higbee. "We are discussing what kind of things they need to store in their existing closet space when they look at me with a somewhat sad face and lament that they wish that they had more and bigger closets."

And, according to Stephen G. Kliegerman, president of Terra Development Marketing, "closets are something that developers have overlooked in the past." He goes on to say that while kitchens and bathrooms are extremely important, "you cannot overlook closets".

So just why is that? And why are we coming to realize that now?

Image consultants have known for decades the importance of the clothing we wear - and the clothing we hold on to. And those issues are much bigger than our closets.

"Clothing defines us" says Patty Buccellato, AICI, CIP, and president of Refined Images ( "Not only is clothing the first message you send in your interaction with others, it holds other power associated with memories, past relationships, jobs and life events. It also keeps a hold on us because we invest financial resources into our clothing that we don't want to waste by just getting rid of things too quickly."

So we hold on to things. And then we need more space to store those things. It's a circle we are challenged to break free from.

But in the world of closet design, we help people make peace with that.

Closets and Wall Beds increase storage space

"I promise them that we are going to do our very best to maximize every inch of space that they do have so it works for them in as many ways as possible. The wise utilization of space and the flexibility for the future is key because if you're not using your space correctly or wisely, then I haven't done my job."

"you don't just build something because you can. You build something because it's smart." says Higbee.

So gives us a call if you'd like a little more "wardrobe peace" in your life........or even the illusion of bigger closets!


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