For a Closet of Keepers - Answer These Questions Truthfully

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For a Closet of Keepers - Answer These Questions Truthfully


Everyone benefits from a well-edited closet.

How do you get one?

You try clothes on,stand in front of a full-length mirror and if you’re unsure about whether something should stay or go, you ask yourself some clarifying questions. By telling the truth, you’ll be able to move past mistakes, has-beens and clutter and end up with a wardrobe that suits you perfectly. Ready? Here are your questions for qualifying keepers.

Was this made for me or someone else?
When you try an item on, does it look like it’s just right for you? Some of your clothes may be better suited to your sister, your cousin, or your best friend. Recognize the distinction between “just right” and “just okay” and pass those items along.

Has it lost its luster?
It might be your favorite but too worn out to wear in public. Time to discard that one and
search for a replacement.

Lost its Luster resized 600

Does it fit, NOW?
Tell the truth, will it take a six-month exercise diet plan before you fit into it? It may not
be in style by the time you lose the weight. Move out the things that don’t fit and free up

Does it flatter my figure?
Has your figure gone through some changes? Skirt lengths or jacket shapes that were
flattering ten years ago may be less than flattering now. Your body will look better in
new shapes and silhouettes. Donate the things that aren’t working.

Does it make me feel sexy, attractive or confident?
If yes, you’ve got a winner on your hands. Make sure it gets into constant rotation. If not
it’s time to get rid of it. Your clothes should enhance your image.

Lifestyle Change resized 600

Does it bring out my favorite qualities?
A ruffled blouse can bring out your femininity. An architecturally designed dress can say, “I’m edgy and modern.” If clothes in your closet represent an outdated image of you,they should go.

Is this the right piece for my current lifestyle?
Do you look at your clothes and see lots of choices for the type of events you used to go
to but don’t anymore? Recognize the past but plan your outfits for present time. Recycle
anything that doesn’t have a place in your lifestyle.

Would I buy it again?
If the answer is no, let it go. If the answer is yes and you love this piece but don’t
know how to wear it, it’s time to register for Marion Gellatly’s virtual style course
starting October 15. See what others have to say about Virtual Style School http://
. Now is the perfect time to gain control of your closet and feel great about working with your wardrobe every day.

Marion Gellatly, a certified image master, deals with these problems all the time in herwork with clients. She is the Style specialist that will help you see what is too hard todiscover on your own. Is the problem with your style, your clothes, your shopping habits,or your closet organization? The solutions are waiting for you in Virtual Style School.Marion headshot


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