Is Clutter Related To Weight Gain?

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Is Clutter Related To Weight Gain?


Any chance those extra "piles to be organized" laying around your house are actually contributing to your weight gain?

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According to several experts on the Dr. Oz Show, those extra items inside your closet - and inside your refrigerator - can actually be contributing to the extra inches on your waistline.

Ask yourself the following questions and check out their solutions for ways to help you move towards a more fit and organized life:

1)Are there UFO's (Unidentified Food Objects) in your refrigerator? Perhaps some holiday casseroles chinese takeout?

The solution for getting rid of all kinds of stuff in your frig' whose contents or "use by" dates are unknown is to put all leftovers in clear containers with labels.

And if you can't quite get yourself to the uber organized state of easily being able to label all your leftovers, at least get the clear containers. They make life so much easier in any storage area of your home and garage because you stand a much better chance of at guessing correctly about what's inside the container.

2)Are there any clothing items laying on the floor in either your bedroom or closet?  Experts feel that clutter leads to people having a more difficult time sleeping.

People who have a difficult time sleeping are often tired.

When we're tired we tend to just 'grab and go" - not taking the time or energy to make sure what we're putting in our mouths is actually good for our bodies.


clothes on floor 1024Solutions to help with this include taking a serious look at all the clothes you're saving for the "one day I'll fit in to this" celebration to arrive. If you have five pair of jeans that are hanging around (literally) waiting for you to lose ten pounds, that's serving no purpose except defeating yourself. Keep one pair for inspiration and donate the rest to someone who can make use them NOW!

3)Are the colors of your dining room or dishes red? Studies suggest that the color red actually stimulates the appetitie.  Think about it - the logos of eateries like McDonald's and Wendy's often involve the color red. And Christmas holidays filled with red and green often lead us to overindulge "in the spirit of the season" with no regard to the colors of the tablecloths, napkins or dishes.

The solution is to tone it down.  Think blue.  This color is believed to relax people. And while there aren't many foods that are actually blue (with the obvious exception of blueberries), you can incorporate these soothing colors into linens, dishes, even the wall or seat coloring. Personally, I love the timelessness and flexibility of white dishes. You can change the look easily without making a big new investment. But if you are thinking about making such a change - use smaller plates.  Studies also show that the larger the plate, the larger the portion.







Interesting! Dr Oz is well respected--and I am always ready to hear what he has to say....but wouldn't it be extra nice if when cleaning out the closets, we were loosing weight by each thing we removed!! Now there's a diet everyone would jump on! Thanks for the interesting and thought provoking article. Patti
Posted @ Monday, January 02, 2012 9:50 PM by Patti
What a great thought Patti - the world would be a much prettier, lighter place if we could lose weight with each item we let go of. I'm going to think that anyway - maybe it will work!
Posted @ Monday, January 02, 2012 10:25 PM by Denise Butchko
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