"Not So Big House" Does Closets

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"Not So Big House" Does Closets


We've always understood the value of space.

Using it effectively is one of our most important roles as closet designers.

So, an opportunity to work with a reknowned architect and a local developer on a "Not So Big House" is a project whose vision we see eye-to-eye on.

What's a "Not So Big House"? http://www.notsobighouse.com/

NSBG book cover resized 600

The concept of a "Not So Big House" is one of "combining the beauty of the big house with the effeciency of a small one," accordig to the creator of the concept, architect and author Sarah Susanka.

And it's a concept whose time has arrived!

Rather than spend your budget on square footage that rarely gets used, Susanka encourages people to put money toward making the house an expression of their personalities.

At Closet Works, we've always been interested in how people linve in their space. In the case of their closets, that means determining if they are "folders" or "hangers", or want drawers versus baskets, shallow versus deep.  It's intimate space within the intimate space of your home.

The "Not So Big" concept addresses all areas of your home. And that's what we're going to be talking about over the coming weeks - how to make the space you live in do its' best work FOR you - sharing Susanka's thoughts on the best and most beautiful ways to utilize the space that you call home.

So if you'd like to learn more about how to maximize the space in your home, come check out the "Not So Big House" in Libertyville, Illinois in conjuction with School Street Development http://www.schoolstreetlibertyville.com/index.shtml.

We ca't wait to share what we've all come with that will inspire you!


Thanks Denise--because of your introduction of Susan and The Not So Big House--I went looking for more information about her and her work. It is quite inspiring, beautiful and perfect for today's needs and wants in a Home. 
Thanks so much again--I am looking forward to following your posts.
Posted @ Wednesday, October 26, 2011 9:10 PM by Patti
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