Closet Organizing Around 2-3 Colors Makes Life Easy!

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Closet Organizing Around 2-3 Colors Makes Life Easy!


We’ve all got clothing in our closets.  Heck, that’s what they’re there for.

But what’s the quality of the clothing that’s in your closets right now?

Be honest.

Closet Works garments in a closetIs it a mish mosh of things you bought on sale? 

Is the color of every garment a color that flatters your own personal coloring?

Or, with the exception of an abundance of black items, does your closet look like a rainbow of every shade and color that’s been popular in the last five years?

“That’s an expensive way to build a wardrobe” says Jill Bremer, Executive Coach and Certified Professional Image Consultant.

“Build your wardrobe around 2 – 3 colors that you know are flattering to you.  For example, black, burgundy and ivory.  You’ll be able to create dozens of mix and match combos and limit shoe colors to only a few” says Bremer.

This approach saves space, money and time.  It also serves you really well because every item you purchase and every item you wear will be working for you.

“It will boost your confidence and effectiveness while simplifying your life,” says Bremer.

Sounds like a great way to simplify your way to sanctuary!


Jill BremerJill Bremer is an Executive Coach and Certified Professional Image Consultant.  You can find her at






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