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Get Healthy by Cleaning out your Closet

GETTING ORGANIZED WITH CLOSET WORKSGetting organized and removing clutter can actually be good exercise - both mentally and physically.  So if one of your goals is to take off the holiday excess - do it in a double duty way and clear your clutter with quick movements that get your heart rate up.  You’ll get the endorphins from the exercise as well as the feeling of accomplishment and organization.  Plus it’s a great way to get some indoor exercise if you live in a climate that’s frigid or snowy.
Another new concept - consider that your clean closets can equal a new gym membership.  If you can sell the items that no longer serve you - you can use that money to pay for the new membership.
And some of the best advice ever - Get help.  Cleaning and organizing is physical work, which is good for your heart but can also wear you out.  Ask friends and family to help, hire the neighbor’s kids to carry boxes to the attic or haul trash to the curb, and spread your tasks out over a few weekends.  Smart planning will help you stay on track and in good health.
What a great way to start anew - whether it’s January or June.


If you don't have time to sell your excess, there are plenty of organizations that pick up at your doorstep. Angie from Purple Heart Veterans is sending someone to my house next week. Also a great feeling to be helping others.
Posted @ Thursday, February 03, 2011 7:28 PM by Lynn Casanova
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