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Party in the Pantry!

I know that sounds a little crazy, but most of the things you need for a party end up being stored in your pantry, since it's one of the most all-encompassing storage niches' in your house.  From Campbell's to Kraft and from Betty Crocker to Orville Redenbacher - it's in there.  So, putting some thought into a pantry shelving system can really pay off. Some pantry shelving system ideas include:

Closet Works pantry shelving systemsCloset Works pantry shelving systemsLess is More
When it comes to shelf depth in a pantry - less really can be more.  It's good to have a variety of different depths in your pantry.  Shallow pantry shelves are great for small items like soup and mac n' cheese.  Deep shelves are great for larger items like serving bowls and paper towel.

Let's Go Deep
Deep pantry shelves or pullout drawers are great for storing serving pieces, platters and large appliances.  Just be sure to design pullout drawers with varying amounts of space in between in order to accommodate different size items.  Your pantry shelving system will have adjustable shelves so you can determine what works as you organize this space with your own foodstuffs.

Re-Use - Recycle - Reclaim
If your pantry becomes the home for the recycle center, make sure it's organized and easy to use. Do this by deciding on how much space is needed for the containers and where they will go. Any sort of pullout can really make this task easier.

Bottom Heavy
Leave open floor space in your pantry so you can simply slide heavy items like cases of water and soda on the floor for easy access and maneuvering.

Captain Hook
Hooks are really a great help in almost every storage area of the home because they make that all-important "vertical space" (aka the walls) usable.  In a pantry you can hang aprons, reusable shopping bags, pet leashes and mops and brooms.

Closet Works pantry basketPull It Out
Pullout baskets are great for potatoes and onions as well as things like bags of chips - or just bags for taking to the grocery store.  They help contain things while still allowing you to see what's inside - such is the beauty of baskets.


So true about making better use out of shallow shelving. Deep shelves can be such a source of clutter. You don't have access to the items in the back and they are forgotten about. Less really is more!
Posted @ Monday, December 28, 2009 3:33 PM by Monica Friel
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