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Clean Your Closet or Have Sex - Which Do You Prefer?


A recent poll featured on The Nate Berkus Show said that when people were asked which they like more - cleaning their closet or having sex - 31% said they preferred cleaning their closet.

nate and peter resized 600

Nate couldn't believe it and commented that these 31% were sharing their intimate moments with the wrong people. Funny or true?  Maybe both.

But what we're really talking about here is closets - and the all encompassing benefits of living with a closet that's organized so it works for you and the way you live your life.

Now, for those of you who don't know much about Nate, he's a total lover of closets. In fact, his is designed and organized so that it suits him as well as any of the custom shirts and suits that hang inside it.

He understands how much time and money he saves by having organized closets.

nate berkus closet resized 600

He also understands the positive impact and psychological benefits of having space that's beautifully designed and ordered so he knows what he has and can access it quickly and easily.

So, it's not about having lots and lots of stuff and then needing more places to stash it all.

It's about knowing who you are and what you like and then creating systems that work with those things.

And the solution can be as simple as putting in double hang and shelving, or it can be more elaborate, along the lines of Nate's closet (pictured above) that has been painted a custom color that he loves and includes custom pull-out drawers and angled shoe shelves.

So what do you think? Do you get great satisfaction from having a clean, organized space? Is your closet designed to suit your life and style? And is there balance between your organized life and your intimate life?

Because whether you land in the 31% or the 69%, it's a balanced life that we're all really wanting.

Best Hangers For Your Closet


Not all hangers are created equal!  And if you're still using wire hangers and keeping your clothing on the ones the drycleaner gives you - then you've got huge room for improvement!
Plastic hangers, wood hangers and "huggable" hangers can all have a place in your closet. Monica Friel from Chaos To Order shares some insights on which ones she prefers for different purposes.
And once you've worked with one of our Closet Works designers on getting your perfect closet designed and installed, we provide you with two complimentary hours of time with one of the Chaos To Order professional organizers so you can make sure all of your garments are organized and hanging on hangers that are "best suited" for them.

Ten Fashionable Falls Trends


It's that time of year when - at least in the midwest - we take the tank tops and shorts out of our primary closet space and bring in the wool jackets and sweaters.

And sometimes we even purchase a few new items to jazz up the ensembles we're a bit tired of.

So what are the big trends for fall 2011?

1. Statement Coats - like these graphic, bold ones from Burberry.

 burberry coats fall 2011






2. Menswear looks on ladies - think suits, pinstripes, belts, even cuffs on pants.

3. Patchwork - like we saw in the 70's (if you can remember back that far). It's not a look I even slightly like or have any intention of adding to my wardrobe.

4. Python - the reptile look is big, big, big.  And I really like it, like it, like it!

python boots


5. Jewelry.  Lots and lots of jewelry. Big. Chunky. Clanky. Shiny.

6. Colored Fur.  It doesn't have to be real.  We're not trying to make a statement on fur.  We're just saying you will see lots of it in all shapes, sizes and, in particular, colors. Could be a purple fur jacket or a turquoise fur purse - you decide what's right for you.

7. Hats - as protective gear and as a fashion statement.  You'll see cashmere beanies and glamourous, wide-brimmed wool.

8. Gloves - how appropriate that both hats and gloves are big this fall? Both are taking on the bold colors and designer elements.  You'll see anything from polka dots to high contrast, graphic prints.

9. Red - all shads and all things - from pants to tops to purses.

resized red celine bag

10. Black and White worn together.  It might be derived from the "Black/White" store, it might be derived from the first lady, but it's here, there and everywhere. This is from Burberry.

black and white burberry

So what are your favorites?  What looks will you add to your closet for fall 2011?

Five Ways to Get More Storage in Your Bathroom


Bathrooms are a highly trafficked space in every home.

Not only are they essential, but they are often the permanent storage spot for lots of life's essentials - from soap to shampoo to shaving cream.

So how do you get the most return from what is often a very small space?

Here are some ideas:

 Linda at mart resized 600

1. Borrow Space - look at the walls in your bathroom and see if the space allows for some really narrow shelves or something like a magazine rack that could hold reading materials or towels.  When you're looking for ideas - look at options for other rooms in the house - like kitchens or offices - and see if you can't repurpose the item for your own storage solution.


2.Think Portable. Bins with handles make for easy mobility so you can bring what you need into the bathroom and then put it back into another space.  This is great for when guests visit or when you group things like mani-pedi items  or makeup items together.

3. Don't forget the doors - add hooks on the back side or add an "over the door" towel or hanging device to increase your capacity.

4. Pull Out Drawers can sometimes be added to underneath an existing vanity cabinet, which really increase storage options.  If you're thinking of a bathroom renovation, a vanity with doors and drawers is a much better choice long term than a pedestal sink if you need places to store things.

5. Think Tiered storage options - like a cupcake stand - that could hold lots of toiletries that can be easily accessible.

Closet Design Tip To Make Your Space Work Best

Lots of elements go into designing a closet space that's truly effective and works for the life and style of its' owner.
Closet Works designer Tim Higbee shares a quick insight on an important variable that he considers every time he goes in to a large space that needs to be designed for a client.

Make Your Closet A Better Place To Be


Having Closet Works design a custom closet space for you will make life so much easier.  And once you have the structure in place, it's often helpful to add some additional, flexible storage. 

These flexible storage bins are not only collapsable, but washable.  And they're really cute. Bins like these from The Container Store are a terrific way to highlight your personality as a further extension of your style.  So, after you've worked with your Closet Works designer to select the color and style of your closet system and picked handles that you love, the additional of funky, flexible accessories is a great way to continue maximizing every inch and making everything easily accessible.

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