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Closet Double Hang - Bottoms Up!


Adding Double Hang to your closet literally doubles your storage capacity.

It's one of the best return on investments you can ever buy.

So designer Sue Tinker takes this one step further with a great tip about how to make Double Hang work even better.


Walk In Closet

Check out this quick video to see what she has to say:


Closet Storage, Of Course!


My clients often ask what I think is a great way to start with design. Naturally I would talk about storage. I obviously have a little of a passion for it.

kolacz closet 1

Most are surprised when I suggest starting with closet and storage solutions. Let me tell you why I think starting in the closet is a great choice -  because it helps to omit the clutter right from step one. It will often force a client to think about what is really necessary.

I frequently walk into homes where, because of a lack of thoughtful storage, clients have many items on “display” (for lack of a better word). When I ask about the clutter the first response is “we just don’t have enough space”.  After assessment of the coat closet, pantry and master closet, I find most reveal only a single row of hanging and piles of items artfully “arranged” below. 

There is a reason why custom closets are a big deal, especially to me. Simply speaking, they give you thoughtful spaces to store the items that you need to store, plus give the added bonus of using all the wasted space that is not taken advantage of with just a simple single row of hanging with one shelf.

So I say "storage, of course" because I believe in it so much. And wouldn't your home function better if it had organized storage solutions? I"m certain it would!

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