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Closet Works Organizational Tips & Tricks

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Pantry Organization


Pantry Organization makes meal preparation as easy as 1-2-3. 

Having a pantry shelving system in your home helps you with kitchen storage solutions.

Consider varying shelf depths in your pantry shelving system to accomodate small, medium and large items.  Boxes of macaroni and cans of soup are small and you want them quickly and easily accessible.  You also want to be able to see how many you have so you know whether or not to buy more.

Deeper storage shelves are great for things like platters and serving dishes and an open floor makes it easy to slide your "Costco" quantities in their short term living space.

Check out this video with a few more great organizational tips for how a pantry shelving system will help organize your life.

Get Great Closet Design By Using Accessories


Adding accessories into your closet increases function exponentially.  By adding things like valet rails, belt racks and tie racks, you'll be able to easily access the accessories that you own when you're getting dressed.


It's a huge time waster to have to look for a specific garment or accessory, and a terrific money waster not to be able to find the black belt you need - especially if you end up purchasing another one.

In most instances, these closet accessories can be mounted on the sides of veritcal panels or on wall/door space.

Chicago Closet Works Designer Carol Kirkland shares an inside view with great tips on how to incorporate closet accessories into your space.

Organize Your Electronics


 Gadgets and electronics are a way of life these days.  In fact, AT&T's latest tag line is "mobilize everything".

I totally get that.

So, how do you keep unsightly chords out of sight?  How do you manage all those wires when you've now gone beyond just needing to plug in your computer and desk lamp?

There are many devices available that you can buy.  Professional Organizer Monica Frield from Chaos to Order in the Chicago area shares a few tips on how to keep on top of your electronic beasts.


Organizing Closets with Doors


Most Closet Spaces Have Doors (thank heaven - it's how most of us hide our stuff!).  However, getting the most effective utilization of the space while incorporating your existing door styles can become a closet design challenge.  Jennefier Martin has some great insights on how to maximize your closet space.

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