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How to get the most out of your wardrobe and SAVE MONEY


A big part of closet organization has to do with maintaining your wardrobe. A lot of the time this means getting rid of clothes in order to downsize and make room for new clothes. Well, what happens when you’re short on cash and can’t afford to buy a new outfit every month? Sometimes the best solution is to make your clothes last longer. With proper clothing care and closet storage you can really extend the life of your wardrobe and save money in the long run.


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  1. When washing use the coldest water possible for your clothes. Using cold water saves energy and money, and prevents shrinking and wrinkling.
  2. Avoid over-using dry cleaning. Dry cleaning is expensive, and the harsh chemicals will harm your clothes.
  3. If you can, avoid the dryer at all costs. Dryers weaken the fibers in your clothes. Line dry your clothes if you can, or get a drying rack. 
  4. Wash your clothes less. The agitating, tumbling, and coming in contact with other garments can cause fading, stretching, pulling, and other damage to your clothes.
  5. Choose the right clothes for each activity. If you know things are going to get messy, put on something durable that you won’t mind getting dirty.

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Closet Storage Solutions

  1. Invest in hangars with wood or plush arms. Wire and plastic hangers can stretch out the shoulders of your garments. Also, always fold knits and heavy sweaters, they will stretch out on a hanger.
  2. Store off-season clothing in a cool, dark, dry place. Avoiding excess moisture will discourage mold growth. Keeping your clothes out of sunlight will prevent them from fading.
  3. Never store clothes in plastic. Fibers need to breathe and plastic traps moisture, which can cause mildew, odors and color changes. Store clothes in breathable garment bags to let air flow in and out. You can add scented pieces to keep the clothing smelling fresh.
  4. Repair your clothes before putting them away. This will dramatically extend the life of each garment. If your favorite sweater or blouse loses a button or has a seam open up, fix the problem instead of retiring that item of clothing.
  5. Rotate your wardrobe to avoid wearing out your favorites, especially for kids’ clothes.
The importance of proper closet storage and cleaning to maintain your clothes cannot be overstated. Make the most of these tips and consider a custom storage solution to help you save more money on the clothes that you wear by haing adequate closet shelves and hanging space to store your clothes safely.

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Do you have an area in your house that needs a custom storage solution? To start the process of customizing your own space, browse our closet photo gallery for ideas and inspiration. Then set up an appointment for a free in-home consultation with a member of our Chicago space saving design team. Or you can call us toll free at 1-800-4-CLOSET.


Why You Need To Meet The Closet Works Team


Our professional and hard working team members are the best trained and most experienced in the home organizational systems industry. They are involved in every step of your design and installation process for custom closet and organizational systems. Their expertise and craftsmanship help Closet Works set the standard for excellence in premium personal spaces. See the Closet Works team below: 

Award Winning Designers

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Highly Skilled Engineers

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Polite and Professional Installers

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Dedicated Customer Service 

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High Quality Manufacturing

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Do you have an area in your home that needs a custom organizational system from the Closet Works team? To start the process of customizing your own space, browse our Idea Gallery for inspiration. Then set up an appointment for a free in-home consultation with a member of our home organizational system design team. Or you can call us toll free at 1-800-4-CLOSET.

Summer Closet Clean Up Doesn't Have To Be Hard. 5 Tips to Declutter Your Closet




July is AC appreciation month. That means its time for an updated wardrobe to match the unbearably hot summer weather. Whether you’re trying to stay cool or trying to stay organized consider these wardrobe organizational tips to help you declutter your bedroom closet.

1. Put away your winter clothes

Nothing takes up more space in your closet than unused clothes. This July, take some time to store your winter clothes in an out of the way, but easily accessible, place such as an attic or basement. This will ensure that your closet space is not overwhelmed with heavy sweaters and jackets.

2. Donate your old summer clothes

Before the severe heat kicks in, you will want to pass on any clothes that no longer suit you. This is especially relevant to those trendy, but now out-of-date, clothes you purchased several summers ago. This will free up some extra space for you in your closet that will come in handy later.

3. Ensure your delicate clothes have a safe place in your closet

Summer outfits consist of much more fragile items than the winter months. You will want to ensure that your dresses, shirts, and pants are put on hangers that won’t snag or wrinkle any vulnerable summer clothes.

4. Consider a closet organizing system

Summer clothes take up less space than winter outfits, but also require more accessories. Consider a closet organizing system with unique storage options such as shelf dividers, bins, and accessory drawer inserts. These organization systems can help you keep your tank tops, t-shirts, shorts, bracelets, and necklaces safely put away, but easily accessible.

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5. Find a place for your shoes

During the summer, there are many new and ever-changing shoe / outfit combinations. Because of this you will need more space to store your shoes so they are highly visible. Consider implementing a shoe bin in your closet organizing system. You can also go with a closet system that includes a shoe fence.


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Hopefully these tips will help keep your closet space open and breezy this July!

There are thousands of ways to organize a closet, your closet should be as unique as you. The above list of considerations is just the first step in designing your perfect closet. Let one of the talented closet designers at Closet Works help you achieve that perfect closet design.

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