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Now my dresses can breathe

So, now that I'm all settled in our home, I'm finding neat things about the closet systems every day. Last week I learned that the closet doesn't have to stay the way it was originally installed. The beautiful thing about my new closet is the fact that I can customize it to my own specifications at any time. A few of the sections are the same width, which means that the shelves are interchangeable. How cool is that? So what we did to accommodate my dresses is removing a shelf above a lower hanging section and moving the rod up 5-6 inches. Voila! Now my dresses can breathe and are not grazing the floor. The removed shelf was inserted on the other side of the closet to add more shelving space for my gym clothes, tank tops, jammers, etc.

These modifications only took about 5 minutes but they will make my life a lot easier every day when I get ready for work. Prior to me using a Closet Works organizer I never knew the benefits. Now that I have it, I can't live without it. When we move, and we are looking at moving, I will be sure to get my closets done by Closet Works again.

Lingerie Drawer DividerI'm still dreaming about the drawer dividers... a simple tool to organize a drawer that I would have never thought existed until I started working at Closet Works. For more closet accessories, download a PDF of closet accessories. It's the largest selection of accessories in Chicagoland and if there's anything missing, just call us or ask your designer and we can source it and get it for your Closet Works system. Hope to update you on my new drawer divider soon and stay tuned to see all the other new things I've learned since having a Closet Works closet.

The big closet merge!

After a little over 2 years of dating, I got engaged to my best friend Zach. Now that we are looking at starting a life together, there are organizational things we need to consider when merging our lives and merging our wardrobes.

My own closet by Closet WorksLuckily, my fiancé already has Closet Works closets installed at his condo. This is a picture from before. The first thing we did was a major purge of his wardrobe. I promise, this wasn't prompted by my need to put my clothes in his closet. Actually, he could hardly wait to get rid of old golf shirts, gym shorts and those a size too small jeans that have been hidden in the back of the closet just creating clutter and I was only happy to help. In order to do the prudent thing, we decided to take the excess clothes to the local Goodwill Store. We took photographs of all 145 items and then proudly drove over to Goodwill. Why photographs, you ask? To claim tax deductions, of course. In order to learn how much to get for each type of item donated, I visited the Goodwill website.

So now you're probably thinking, "How did you fit 145 items in that closet and is there anything left?" 'Tis the beauty of a closet organizer. His leftovers still filled most of the closet, loosely. However, we were able to concentrate all of his garments on the right-hand side of the walk in, leaving me with the left side and a bank of drawers. More on those drawers in a future post. When the day finally came for me to move in, I arrived with 2 large suitcases of just my winter clothes. I thought I'd start out slow. I looked at the suitcases and then at the closet and said to myself, "Self, this is never going to fit in just the left side of the closet." Yet I powered through. After only 30 minutes I was all moved in, the suitcases were empty and I couldn't believe my eyes because there was still plenty of room for my summer wardrobe.

Stay tuned to read more about the little things I've learned about custom closet organizers, now that I'm actually using one myself. I am looking forward to you reading about my jewelry organizer, the valet rod that we moved closer to my half of the closet, the adjustable shelves we moved around to accommodate my gym clothes and my #1 wish list item: a lingerie and sock drawer divider. Oh, the simple things that make me happy.
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