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Closet Works Organizational Tips & Tricks

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Get Organized Outside Your Closet


It's not only the inside of your closets that need to be organized.

It creates tremendous peace of mind to look around your space and NOT see messy spaces - to not see piles of paper or "to do" lists or post it notes.

And sometimes a trip to an organizing mecca like The Container Store or Office Max can yield tremendous benefits.

Benefits that add to the wonderfulness of your custom closets.  Heck, at Closet Works , we don't just love organization inside a closet - we love organization anywhere we can find it!

What about you? Do you have some personal tricks or devices you use to keep yourself organized and on track? We'd love to hear about them!

We've Got Award Winning Closet Designers!


At least that's what we're hoping to repeat again this year.

Three members of our stellar design team have been named as finalists in the closet industry "Top Shelf" design competition.

TS Casanova 1 resized 600

This first project was submitted by Lynn Casanova. The storge solution was built in to a 125 year old Chicago home in desperate need of storage. The basement is U-shaped with the larger space for TV and guests and the smaller portion for a bedroom and powder room. The biggest issue is that the powder room is located with the bedroom area. The issue then is that the bedroom can not be separated from the TV room by doors because if were, a guest would have to go through a bedroom to get to the bathroom. 

The solution is to leave the space as an open area and keep everything behind closed doors. The space needed to store TV equipment like receivers and routers, as well as clothes for the son. Also the client is a cycle enthusiast. Storage for extra bicycle wheels, helmets, cycling suits all needed to be accommodated in the space and hidden from the TV area.TS Casanova 2 resized 600







Our second finalist, Tim Higbee, designed a space in a Chicago high rise apartment offers very little storage space. In this instance the client needed a home office that could also accommodate storage for linens and pantry items as well as office equipment, space for an extensive record album collection, and his prized bobble head collection.TS Higbee 1 resized 600


The space available was a hallway leading from the living room to the bedroom; one side being floor to ceiling windows with a view of the magnificent Chicago skyline, the other side with angled walls that was a five sided bay. The need for an unobstructed circulation path dictated that the work surface would need to be a peninsula. The client's modern aesthetic directed us to the use of Wenge as a finish, solid and glass insert doors, and a contrasting solid surface for the work surface.


TS Higbee 2 resized 600The single brushed chrome leg allowed us to continue an open feeling on what could have been a heavy, overpowering system. The result is a rich, modern, multifunctional space that does not inhibit the intended architectural design or flow of the apartment, and compliments the design elements in the adjoining rooms, while capitalizing on the large windows, creating a workspace environment appropriate for a Chicago high rise.


TS Tinker 2 resized 600Our third finalist, Sue Tinker, shares that "this space was unfinished above a 4 car garage. The ceilings are all angled and there are built-ins under each of the 3 window alcoves. The focal point is a large island with a beautiful chandelier and a small desk are at one end. The hanging was left open except for 3 way mirror doors that cover up the shoe shelves. The materials are laminate with solid wood front doors and drawers. I don't usually envy the closets I design, but I think I could be happy with this awesome space!"

 TS Tinker 3 resized 600

Get Your Closets Organized Easily


There are a million and one different ways to get life organized. And closets are a great place to start.

One item that works really well for people of all shapes and sizes (particularly those of us who are vertically challenged) is this clear basket that has a handle. It's easy to grab, easy to see through, it's venitlated for breathability and can be added to any custom organization system.


describe the imagedescribe the image

We also offer a variety of other baskets that can be installed within your system that help keep things in order. What most people like about baskets is the ability to see through them, so whether it's several bags of chips and crackers all smooshed together or your workout clothing all tossed in a basket,, baskets allow you to see what's at the top and the bottom and even what's in between so you can grab it and go. 

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