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Closet Organizers... not just for the neat freaks! Part 2

Now I’m sure we at Closet Works have lots of clients that have all their clothes folded in a neat stack. But in some respects, these people will always be fairly organized, even if they don’t have all the proper tools to make it happen. Closet organizers are just one more tool that they will use to get even more organized. They are always looking for ways to step it up a notch and make it just a little more organized, and boy, do I admire them for that. But for people who aren’t so naturally inclined to be organized, getting a good quality closet system in place essentially provides you a minimum level of neatness. What I mean by that is that even though right now probably none of my sweaters are folded reasonably well, if at all, I know that this particular shelf holds my sweaters. Even though they’re not perfectly folded, I can see everything that’s available and it’s easy for me to choose what I would like to wear. Same thing goes for my PJ’s. I have two shelves dedicated to my ‘jammies and even if they get tumbled over, I know that they will always be in those shelves. I also have dedicated spots for slacks, t-shirts, shoes… well, you get the idea. So if you think that closet organizers are for the super organized, you're right - they work really well for neat freaks. The best part is that they work even better for the rest of us who really need the help staying organized.

Closet Organizers... not just for the neat freaks! Part 1

Once in a while, I will offer tips to people on how to organize their closets or their wardrobe and they’ll comment that it’s probably pretty easy for me, since I must be a pretty organized person to work for a closet company. I’m sure they think that we’re all super neat freaks and spend our days refolding our sweaters so that they look just right. Well let me tell you, I am the absolute opposite of this person. We only do that in our showroom or for photo shoots. At home, I have no time to just sit and go through my closet (who does?) and my husband claims that I have a folding disability. In fact, I am so bad at folding, that I am not permitted to fold his clothes. But I’m supposed to be all about closets, right? Turns out, closet systems work out even better for messy people than the super organized. It’s actually one of the things I love best about closet systems. If the space is a very well planned and organized structure (which is what we’re truly passionate about) it makes the day-to-day usage a snap, even for the folding impaired such as myself.

So if you have always thought that closet organizers are for the super organized, you’re right – they work really well for people who eat, sleep and breathe organization. But the best part is that they work even harder for those of us who really need help getting and staying organized.

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