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Closet Design Tips for Weird Shaped Spaces


He’s a single City dweller who combined two condos into one unit.
Jennefier custom closet by Closet WorksThe space connected the master bedroom to the bathroom – so everything needed to be behind closed doors.  He didn’t want anything out in the open – but hidden and out of sight. And that included not only hampers, but hanging.
His needs meant that my design solution needed to be more involved and more custom.
We scribed everything to the ceiling and added lighting for a truly custom, built-in effect.
And not only was the client quite pleased with this functional and beautiful custom storage solution, but it won an honorable mention in the industry design competition’s Top Shelf Awards.



Jennefier MartinIn college, Jennefier Martin studied landscape architecture, where she learned design and creation of outdoor space. At Closet Works, she is able to use her design skills to create and organize interior spaces in my clients' homes. Jennefier was taught that form should follow function and therefore, in her closet designs, function always comes first. "What I love about my job is the one-on-one interaction I have with my clients." says Jennefier, adding "Also, I am so happy to be involved in improving my clients' day-to-day lives, by providing a system that makes staying neat and organized easy!"

It's Time To Change The Season In Your Closet


At Closet Works, we pride ourselves with the relationships we have built with industry partners over the years, none more than our relationship with the fine folks over at Chaos To Order, a Chicagoland professional organizer, who's been around just as long as we have. Monica Friel, the president and founder of Chaos To Order offered to write a brief guest blog with information that might be useful for our Closet Works clients and we were happy to oblige.


Stack of Sweaters - Closet Works

It's officially fall and cooler days are becoming more the norm than the exception, so now is the optimal time to change the season in your closet. At Chaos to Order we

suggest that your closet be weeded through twice per year. Weeding out the closet doesn't mean taking a good look around and saying, "Ok, I need it all". It really means picking up each individual piece of clothing and asking, "Do I wear this?" or "When was the last time I wore this?" and "Will I be wearing it this season?"

Taking a detailed inventory of every item, including what you have way up on the very top shelf, is crucial to the functionality of your wardrobe. The space in your closet is prime real estate. It's like walking down the aisle in the supermarket, the most valuable space is at eye level. You want the items you're frequently wearing to be right there ready to grab, items you wear infrequently a little harder to reach and what you don't use should be removed.

If you need to add any hardware, including shelving, extra hanging space or drawers, ask our friends at Closetworks.com. If you need any of our closet organizing pros to come and whip your closet into shape, schedule an appointment at Chaostoorder.com. Happy organizing!


Monica FrielThis guest blog was written by Monica Friel. She is president and founder of Chaos to Order - Chicagoland’s premiere organizing company since 1990. Friel manages and trains a staff of professional organizers who specialize in everything from household clutter to corporate chaos.

As a pioneer in the organizing industry, Friel is one of the founding members of the Chicago Chapter of the National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO). She has been featured on the Oprah Winfrey Show, and given her expert advice on CBS, ABC, NBC, WGN and FOX.

Friel and Chaos To Order have worked with thousands of satisfied clients, ranging from typical families to large corporations like the U.S. Department of Education and Boeing. Friel is an active member of the social media community with a following on Twitter, Facebook and Blogger.

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