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Conceal Clutter With Savvy Storage Solutions


It's the time of year most people set goals and get organized. So, we're here to help with some suggestions and ideas for helping you succeed.

Think small. And by that we mean take it one step, or one drawer, or one closet at a time. Thinking that you're going to go through your entire house like a whirling dirvish and come out the other side with a house that looks like it belongs to Martha Stewart is too big of a stretch for anyone except, maybe, Martha Stewart.

Then see what kinds of solutions will work to meet your needs and hide and organize your stuff.

Here are some ideas:

BHG Bed side shelves resized 600

This basic shelving is a terrific way to keep your reading materials close by and still have room for any other personal, nightime necessities. And if you're able to have a wall outlet close by, that makes it all the better since most of us now have things that need to be plugged in while we try to unplug.

bhg bed alcove shelves resized 600

Alcoves make excellent hiding places, as demonstrated by this project we saw on Better Homes and Gardens. If you're lucky enough to be able to do a little construction, you can have a contractor carve out the space between two studs and build it out as shelving.


bhg ladder jewelry resized 600

Another great idea captured from the people at Better Homes and Gardens is this idea of a little ladder for storing accessories that matter. Using vertical space always increase capacity and gives you more options. Using something as simple as a small ladder that you can paint and customize is easy and portable.


Houzz bench at end of bed resized 600

This example of storage at the end of the bed is a great example of something we found on Houzz by Johnson + McLeod Designs in British Columbia. It's a simple concept that makes sense, can be done in a budget friendly manner and can really add capacity to your space.


wall surround 1024 resized 600

And there's always the option of built-ins to hide your clutter. Think about the wall space that's in your bedroom. Can that be utilized more effectively? This project was designed by team member Tim Higbee and is an excellent aesthetic storage solution.

A Closet Designed To Fulfill Your Fantasies!


Much like a car that has all the bells and whistles, people crave a closet that has them too.

What are the coolest features a closet can have these days? In truth, the sky is the limit. You can add a coffee bar or a wine refrigerator, furniture for your friends to lounge in and television screens so you don't miss a minute of the latest trends on "E" or the score on ESPN.

Yet the time honored popular features that truly make things more organized for you are:

1. Space Saving Ironing Boards - a great feature to have in a Walk In Closet. It only takes up a few inches. You need access to electric to plug in your iron, but it's easy access for quick touch ups right where you need them. And it frees up other closet space that would normally be taken up by that freestanding one you've been using since the dawn of time.ironing board folding resized 600


2. Safety First - Wall safes are terrific for being able to lock away your valued jewels or some key documents. They can be behind a door or in open space. They hide quite well behind clothing and can be digital or keyed or both. And they can be installed at a height in the wall that's comfortable for you to see what's inside, so no bending or reaching.  All good.wall safe resized 600


3. Displayed Jewelry - jewels sparkle even brighter when they are easy to see and organized, with each piece having it's own place.describe the image

4. Three-Way Mirrors - because people see you coming and going, having a three-way mirror with storage behind it is a feature every woman loves.describe the image


And if you look closely at the above photo, you can also see a safe that is resting on the floor, so the location and style are up to you. And so are the design elements that can be incorporated to create your dream closet. Just give us a call and we'll schedule a time for you to spend with one of our design experts to come up with storage solutions that you'll love and features that will make you feel like you're living the dream!

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