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Organize Your Electronics


 Gadgets and electronics are a way of life these days.  In fact, AT&T's latest tag line is "mobilize everything".

I totally get that.

So, how do you keep unsightly chords out of sight?  How do you manage all those wires when you've now gone beyond just needing to plug in your computer and desk lamp?

There are many devices available that you can buy.  Professional Organizer Monica Frield from Chaos to Order in the Chicago area shares a few tips on how to keep on top of your electronic beasts.


The Biggest Closet in your Home - Your Garage!


After a long and cold Chicago winter, the temGarage Organizational Solutionperatures are rising and the snow is finally melting. Now is an excellent time to begin planning your next spring cleaning project. Why not start with the  largest closet in your house - your garage? If your family is like mine, your garage serves as the catch-all for anything out of place. As the piles grow, your available space shrinks. Your dreams of having an organized garage are slowly overshadowed by feelings of overwhelming discouragement and doubt about where to even begin.

We at Closet Works are experts at relieving your organizational stress by designing functional storage solutions including custom garage organization systems. Although garage organization seems complicated, there are four basic categories of items that must be stored.The following outlines these categories and offers easy storage solutions:

  • Items that require floor space: Your garbage cans, lawn mowers, snow blowers, tricycles, and wagons are examples of this category. With a custom garage design, we can find the perfect place for all of your equipment while optimizing your storage capacity.
  • Items that can be stored up high: Bicycles and storage tubs are the most common examples from this category, and can be easily hung on hooks or racks from the garage ceiling.
  • Items that fit onto shelving: Shelving may be completely exposed or it may feature doors, drawers, or baskets. Garage organization systems are a great way to store smaller items used on a more regular basis, such as cleaner, fertilizer, sunscreen, bugspray, car-wash supplies, and other similar-sized items.
  • Items that may be hung on walls: Storage racks, like slat wall or grid wall, combined with moveable hooks and racks to provide storage for rakes, shovels, brooms, leaf blowers, bicycle pumps, skis, extensions cords, etc. Wire baskets are another option for wall racks, and are perfect for storing sporting equipment. These racks allow for a practical storage solution on an otherwise unusable surface.

Whether your dream garage includes a workbench for your household projects, adequate storage for your gardening supplies, a defined place for your children's toys, or simply to have a clear path to park your cars, we at Closet Works have your garage organization system solution.


GCloset Works - Greg Ceterareg Cetera's favorite thing about being a designer for Closet Works is that he gets the chance to meet wonderful people, and visit beautiful homes throughout the Chicago metropolitan area. He embraces the challenge of creating functional and aesthetically pleasing solutions to address his clients’ storage needs. Greg is most gratified by providing clients with a sense of order and tranquility as they become organized. He firmly believes in the Closet Works philosophy of creating “Raving Fans,” and aspires to provide each client with premier customer service and precise attention to their needs and objectives. Greg is now the Sales Manager of the sales/design division.

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