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Find Fall Fashion In Your Closet


The fall season brings on not only the excitement of new television programming - but - for many - the excitement of new fall fashion.

But what if a new wardrobe isn't in the budget right now? Or what if you just don't have the time to go scouting for the perfect pointy shoes or the latest, edgy "harness" belt (I don't even like the sound of that accessory!).

Then try "finding fall fashion" inside your own closet with these tips that tie in to the latest trends:

1. Earth tones - the colors of nature are big this fall and harmonious with the season. So, if you've got some favorite khaki pants or a camel hair blazer - bring them front and center and use them as anchor pieces for your fall ensembles.

describe the image


2.Leather - I'm guessing most of us come up short when searching our closets for leather garments like pants or blazers and shirts. But many of us have a leather coat stashed somewhere in the hall closet along with a belt or two that could fit the bill. Go get that coat and start wearing it again - it will update your look without spending a penny.

leather fashion resized 600


3. Bright Red and Bright Orange Lip Color - for the ladies - this is an easy, inexpensive update that can be garnered from a discount store for under ten bucks. It allows you to be "on trend" without being too out of pocket. Take a stroll down the cosmetics aisle and find a bright shade that works for you.

lip color resized 600

Closet Double Hang - Bottoms Up!


Adding Double Hang to your closet literally doubles your storage capacity.

It's one of the best return on investments you can ever buy.

So designer Sue Tinker takes this one step further with a great tip about how to make Double Hang work even better.


Walk In Closet

Check out this quick video to see what she has to say:


Closet Storage, Of Course!


My clients often ask what I think is a great way to start with design. Naturally I would talk about storage. I obviously have a little of a passion for it.

kolacz closet 1

Most are surprised when I suggest starting with closet and storage solutions. Let me tell you why I think starting in the closet is a great choice -  because it helps to omit the clutter right from step one. It will often force a client to think about what is really necessary.

I frequently walk into homes where, because of a lack of thoughtful storage, clients have many items on “display” (for lack of a better word). When I ask about the clutter the first response is “we just don’t have enough space”.  After assessment of the coat closet, pantry and master closet, I find most reveal only a single row of hanging and piles of items artfully “arranged” below. 

There is a reason why custom closets are a big deal, especially to me. Simply speaking, they give you thoughtful spaces to store the items that you need to store, plus give the added bonus of using all the wasted space that is not taken advantage of with just a simple single row of hanging with one shelf.

So I say "storage, of course" because I believe in it so much. And wouldn't your home function better if it had organized storage solutions? I"m certain it would!

describe the image


Closets Are The Amenity People Can't Live Without


And we're not just saying that because we're "in the business".

According to The Business Insider, an online news publication, "Luxury home buyers say this (closets) is the amenity they can't live without." And that comes as a result of a survey conducted on the image

Of course, we love that!

It makes us very happy to have our clients fall in love with their closets and never be able to live without a custom closet system again.

According to The Business Insider, "Among the 250 people surveyed, a whopping 75.9 percent chose a luxury closet and suite as their #1 desired amenity."

So in a celebration of summer and the joy that an organized closet brings - we just want to share a few personal faves from our own client collection of closet amenities people can't live without.describe the image

 describe the image


And if you want to check out a link to the article, here you go:

Keep It Simple


Do we stay or do we go?

A surprising question that a lot of home owners are finding that they are asking themselves right now. 

Do you truly need to move right now or are you looking for a change?

If change is the answer, here are a couple of small change suggestions that make a huge impact:

Change the colors - We all spend most of our time in our kitchen and bath areas so it makes sense to focus on those areas first. Small changes in the kitchen and bath can make a dramatic impact. By simply applying a new paint color and updating hardware, you, the homeowner can transform the look and feel of a room. Consider adding a touch of warmth by using a soft finish with an elegant appearance such as brushed bronze.

kolacz kitchen

Change the hardware - When selecting new hardware find a finish that adds a contrast to your current cabinets. The hardware is the jewelry for your cabinets so it should stand out. 

Swap out the backsplash - For the kitchen it may also be a good time to add the backsplash that you have always wanted. Drama does not need to cost a ton. Find a texture that really compliments your personal taste. Try something new. How about weathered barn wood for an old world feel.

describe the imageStainless steel can be a real industrial show stopper for a more modern feel. No matter your taste simple changes can satisfy your hunger change.





Erik Kolacz is an interior designer with Contrast Design Group and has designed a closet line for Closet Works -

headshot erik

Doors and Drawers Open New Closet Options


We have lots of clients who love the environment and want to make the world a better place (why else would they have such fabulously organized closets???).

And until recently, if they want to use ecco friendl materials to create those closets, the door and drawer profiles were limited to flat, flat and flat.

But now, we've got options and we're so excited!

Whether traditional or contemporary, we can now create closets that are environmentally friendly as well as style friendly.

Textured Walls Are All The Rage


So I’m in love with wall covering again.

It’s such an easy way to add warmth and drama to your home.  

And the added bonus is that its nothing like your mothers wallpaper. Advancements in technology have come a long way, so now it's easy to remove if you change your mind - or change your style.  That means there is no reason not to express yourself in even more creative ways with what's on your walls.

grass cloth resized 600













I really enjoy mixing finishes and materials and wall covering makes it easy to do just that! Consider a textured grass cloth next to a polished chrome table, toss in a worn leather sofa and a hair on hide rug for a perfect, cozy, man cave.

For more of a statement, try a bold pattern to create a stylish focal point.

wall covering

Another option (now don't be afraid!) is to use wall covering in more unusual ways. I like to cover an old piece of furniture for an updated look and an added little touch of personality. I have even used wall covering to cover ceilings in a powder room to make an intimate feel while adding a ton of drama. After all, people are only in there for a short time; why not make it a true experience for your guests?

Easy Ways to Add Personal Style to Your Home


Educated, savvy buyers are now looking for unique elements to reflect their own personal style.

Your home should be as personal to you as your wardrobe.

And it should be a reflection of your style and your way of life.

The days of purchasing your bedroom suite right off the furniture store floor are over.  Many manufacturers are offering options that allow an individual to make choices and to step away from the cookie cutter mentality. A good way to do this is to consider pairing a different size chest as a creative solution for night stands.

Looking to make a big change but the budget won’t allow?

Even small steps can make a big difference in staking personality claim on your domain. Take risks with items such as hardware and don’t be afraid to blend different eras to make a statement.  

kolacz handle resized 600Consider a modern pull with a knob from a more transitional era. Think of decorative hardware as the jewelry of your home. Switching hardware on your existing pieces is not only easy but very cost effective for an instant look. This simple design idea can reflect your own personal style and bring a new life to your kitchen, bath and even custom closet.

kolacz 2nd blog resized 600

Color Is a Great Design Option to Change Things Up!


As a designer I’m often ask how to get the biggest impact with the littlest effort.

My answer is surprisingly simple! 

Consider simple fixes for the seasons:

Combining unexpected colors and textures can help to invigorate any space.  Try using vibrant pops of color in rooms with subtle, thoughtful designs to create truly dramatic living spaces. Keeping backgrounds neutral will allow you to explore all of the trends of the seasons without breaking the bank.

flower box resized 600

Don’t forget the fresh green. It’s the perfect time of year to bring the outdoors inside. Beautifully planted window boxes outside key windows not only add the vibrant pops of color we hunger for this time of year, but they also make it very easy to clip those beautiful blooms and bring them indoors. I love to keep a little vase of fresh flowers on the counter in my dressing area. It’s always a great little treat to start my day on the right foot. Just a couple of these simple suggestions can bring a new life to your home season after season.

living room resized 600


Seven Smart Solutions for Organizing Electronics

If you just love terrific tips that are easy to implement - here are seven super ideas for organizing your electronics:

1. TOILET PAPER ROLLS - it seems a little crazy at first, but saving your toilet paper rolls and then tucking your chords inside them is a recycling idea of the highest caliber.describe the image Stand them up inside an area of a drawer so they fit nicely and don't move around - then stuff a chord inside each one.

2. PLASTIC BREAD TIES - Save the plastic bread tie closures from your bread loaves, use a sharpie marker to label with the devices you own, then slide over the chord near where you plug it in and you'll have an easy identifier.  Much easier than using tape and writing on that.


plastic bread ties

 3. ZIPLOC BAGS - I love using ziploc bags for storing things. And my favorite part? They are clear so you can easily, quickly see what's stored inside them.  No having to count on your memory about what you put in each one. Wonderfully effecient.

4. STACKABLE PAPER TRAYS - Available at any office supply store - repurpose the paper trays to stack your electronics and small items.  The storage is shallow which makes it perfect for small items like cell phones, digital cameras and keys.

stack paper trays

5. FOAM PIPE INSULATION - Sold at home improvement stores, you can cut different lengths and then stuff your chords inside. Easy in, easy out and protective.  You could put labels on the outside and color with some markers for easier identification.chords pipe foam






6. BINDER CLIPS - get some larger ones, attach one end onto your desk top or other counter top and then use the silver clippy handle part to slide your electronics through and keep easily accessible.binder clips

7.SILVERWARE DIVIDERS - found at places like The Container Store or Bed, Bath and Beyond and available in many different styles, from wicker to metal to plastic, these pre-organized organizers are great, simple solutions that can be matched to your decor and kept visible, or stashedi inside a drawer or cabinet.describe the image

So which one is your favorite? Or what secret closet organizer tips do you have for keeping life easier to manage?



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