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From Dreary to Dreamy: Custom Closet Perfection (with Photos!)


This closet space went from Fab to Fabulous! The customer had a current plain, no frills closet in this space overlooking her gorgeous master bath. She asked that it go from Home Depot to her own personal boutique. After working with her over the years on the rest of her home, we knew what she was going for. It was a challenge, as there were a variety of angles and obstacles to deal with, we had to use every inch to our advantage to make this the perfect custom closet for her space and needs. We had to accommodate for 100+ shoes, numerous designer handbags, sports wear to formal wear, a floor safe and a vanity area. All of this and while still being practical.

Custom Closet organization system

We did a variety of different and difficult design features for this custom closet. We used the different ceiling heights to our advantage, by accenting them with unique crown molding features and countertops. We used clear glass inserts to give it a clean look, while keeping the open feel of the closet. The lines and detail in each area show the craftsmanship of a beautifully finished room.  

Custom Closet organization system

Our design featured the following custom details. The island not only hosts drawers for jewelry and garments, but we also built a beautiful end piece for all the gorgeous belts and accent pieces. The shoe area wraps around a corner with ceiling height differences. We took advantage of one corner and added shoe rollouts so the shoes can be easily accessed. Shelving above the hang areas of the closet system allows the customer to not only display her designer pieces, but also serves as a dual purpose of keeping these pieces with the articles of clothing they coordinate with. We added doors to an upper corner piece, and with the help of a 180 degree hinge, the door easily flips all the way open to access the corner. We built a custom cabinet especially for a large safe, so that it can be hidden. My favorite feature is that all of the custom handles and knobs coordinate with the light fixtures, valances and bath accessories in the bath below bringing it all together - thanks to the interior designer. No detail went unnoticed.

Custom Closet organization system

Even though you enter through an absolutely gorgeous master bath, as you wind up the spiral staircase and enter the custom closet, words can not express how absolutely breath taking this personal boutique is. It was a long haul and a very trying space, and the end result was well worth it.

See the the full set of pictures HERE

Do you have an area in your house that needs a custom storage solution? To start the process of customizing your own space, browse our options and accessories section for ideas and inspiration. Then set up an appointment for a free in-home consultation with a member of our Chicago Closet space saving design team. Or you can call us toll free at 1-800-4-CLOSET.

People Are Saying the Nicest Things about Us!


At Closet Works we love nothing more than giving our customers a memorable experience and an exceptional organizational system. That is why it motivates us, especially during these long, dragging winter months, to see such heartwarming compliments as the one Anthony has given us below. Thank you Anthony and thank you to all our customers! We love you!!

Custom closet system

“Our closets are so nice I could actually live in there, so maybe I should just stay in there. But I'm coming out long enough just to review them.

I was really against spending the extra money because we had already paid for our closets with our new house. Problem was that the new closets were going to suck and there was no way to get a credit on that. So we worked with our salesperson and came up to a fair quote for doing all of our closet and storage space. We had a total of 7 spaces organized by Closet Works. There were 4 closets, one kitchen pantry, one laundry room and my Man Storage Space.

The Closet Works crew moved fast and got everything installed quickly. They even had to cut a hole for the gas line for our dryer and it still looked neat. As a guy I really do not care about how a closet looks. I just care if I can hang my clothes and hide [stuff] in there when company comes over. I really hate it when company opens up a closet to look inside. Hello that is not part of the tour...get out of the closet! Ha!

My Man Storage Space is less Man and more what kind of crap my wife can throw in there. Every time I look in that closet there is more stuff unrelated to my life. Like wrapping paper, Christmas stuff, luggage (not mine), etc...

Everything is really nice. Not only did they add in places to hang clothes but also added shelves for folded clothes, hooks for hats, drawers to store stuff like jewelry. They created more space for us to store more crap...I mean our valuable things we wear. Ha!

So if you are moving into a new place or building a place I would give them a call and get a free quote. Our [designer] was nice enough to actually come out to our new construction and look at our blueprints. She even took measurements before presenting us with a detailed quote. Everything was handled very professional and installed in a timely manner. Once we had a date set they showed up on time and rocked the build out.

Now I just need to figure out how to reclaim my Man Closet. I am thinking about installing a bed in there with a TV. Maybe I should call [Closet Works] and see if they have one of those pull down wall cots like in a ship or something. See I am going back into the closet one way or another.”

Anthony M. -

Want to get started on your own Closet Works project this Spring? Call us toll free at 800-4-CLOSET or visit us our appointment page to set up a free consultation.

Enter Our Facebook Photo Contest and Win a $1,000 Custom Closet System from Closet Works!


Custom Closet System Photo Contest

We would love to see a photo of your Closet Works organizational system! Starting now through
March 31, share a photo of your Closet Works installation with us and be entered to win a
$1,000 custom closet system!

It’s as simple as 1,2,3:
1. Visit and fill out the entry form.
2. Share your photo entry with friends.
3. The photos with the most votes will win!

16 prizes Awarded:
One grand prize winner will receive a new closet system up to $1,000 in value.
Five second place winners will receive a $250 VISA gift card.
Ten third place winners will receive a $25 VISA gift card.

We will stop accepting submissions on March 31 and voting will end on April 13. Winners will
be announced on April 17. For a full list of contest details, including the contest rules, visit

Good luck!

Designing and Installing An "Out of Sight" Home Office/Guest Room (with Photos!)


We recently helped a client with a custom project for their home office/guest room. This very creative client made unique requests that provided us with new and exciting design challenges. The requests included: 

  • A queen size wall bed with a television attached to the outside of the bed
  • Two pivoting desks that would slide into a compartment on the side of the room when the bed was needed
  • A countertop for the desk leg compartment that could fold down when the leg was in and fold up to be flush with the rest of the counter when desk was out
  • Maximum storage for files and office items as well as space for linens for the bed
  • Locked storage cabinet for firearms
describe the image

We knew that this would be a very custom wall bed/home office project for us. So, we enlisted two of our talented engineers to help make this project happen. Together we came up with a custom design to present to our client.  After a few tweaks, we had a final plan for their home office. We engineered and built a curved leg with wheels that allowed the support leg to move smoothly on carpet. The final installation was beautifully completed by one of our talented installers. To complete the look of the room, we included some designer details such as frosted glass, LED lighting and attractive hardware components.

IMG 2136 (2)

Our client is now in love with their bedroom/office multipurpose room! See the the full set of pictures HERE

Do you have an area in your house that needs a custom storage solution? To start the process of customizing your own space, browse our options and accessories section for ideas and inspiration. Then set up an appointment for a free in-home consultation with a member of our Chicago space saving design team. Or you can call us toll free at 1-800-4-CLOSET.

Mudroom Storage Tips for Get Organized Month!


January is the worst time of year for keeping your house free of mud, water and grey slush. Keep your entry room organized, efficient and well decorated this January with these simple mudroom design tips:

1. If you have kids, design your mudroom with them in mind. Keep the entranceway space open and coat hooks low to the ground so kids are more likely to hang their up their clothes. 

2. Never underestimate the importance of a bench in a mudroom. With a bench in your mudroom you are less likely to track dirt around the house while looking for a place to take off your shoes. Plus if it’s a storage bench you have extra storage space.

3. Utilize plenty of multi-purpose shelving space. Active families require transitional storage units with multiple lockers and hooks for each family member. If you have kids in sports, mudroom lockers would help keep all their equipment organized in one place.  

4. Design a space that is functional and efficient for everyone. Coat hooks are more effective than hangers at keeping your space organized. Additional things like wall outlets give family members extra charging space for their phones.  

CLWK 23016 9002 26 1843

5. Take advantage of your mudroom space by using vertical shelving units. Make sure to keep all storage cubbies at reachable distance for all family members. The more storage areas you have the easier it will be to organize backpacks, lunch boxes, hats or whatever else you need.  

6. Double the function of your mudroom. Use the space opposite your mudroom as a small office and work area.  

7. Use your mudroom as a storage space for your pet’s belongings. Mudrooms are the perfect place to clean off wet pets and to house water and food bowls.  

Closet Works offers custom organization systems for mudrooms of all shapes and sizes. To get started with Closet Works today visit our website at or call us at 800-425-6738 for your in home consultation. Start making the most of your mudroom today.

January Is Get Organized Month!


describe the image

It’s the beginning of the New Year and it’s time for New Year’s resolutions. People around the world will be organizing their lives and their homes in order to have a fresh start to 2014. In fact, National Get Organized Month begins this January. So, what are some of the benefits of getting organized?

1. You will save money!
Knowing where things are will prevent the purchase of duplicate items. This is also true with an organized kitchen. Having all your ingredients and cooking tools easy to locate and use will save you money on eating out. Lastly, with an organized office area you will have an easier time tracking and managing your bills, saving you money on late fees and interest rates.

2. You will have more usable space
Organization will let you reclaim your dinner table and countertops. No more wasted space due to unnecessary clutter.

3. You will be more productive
Without the excess clutter in your life, you will be able to more easily focus on the tasks and goals ahead of you. By simplifying your workspaces, you will alleviate stress and anxiety.

4. You will have a sense of control
Being organized gives you a greater sense of control over your own life. This feeling builds confidence. You can develop and grow your self-esteem by making simple organizational changes in your living spaces.

Closet Works has been crafting sanctuaries and creating a sense of order for Chicagoland homes for more than two decades. They are currently celebrating their 27th year of creating custom storage solutions in the Chicagoland area and beyond.

For more information on Closet Works visit or call toll-free at 800-4-CLOSET (800-425-6738).

Thank You for Supporting Closet Works


Thank you to our friends and customers for making 2013 the best year in our 27 year history of providing organizational systems to the Chicagoland area. During this year we have added nearly $1,000,000 of new CNC woodworking equipment and doubled the size of our closet design facility. More than 80 people at Closet Works are working to serve you and your custom closet design needs, thank you for the opportunity.


Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Frank Happ
Closet Works 

Small Laundry Room Ideas


Small laundry rooms can make it tough for doing laundry. Cramped, narrow spaces mean you have very few places to set your essential laundry items, let alone the laundry itself. You might be forced to squeeze into a small laundry room that simply won’t accommodate your needs. However, with a bit of creativity, you can maximize the space of a small laundry room and turn this oft-used room into a pleasant space.  

laundry room storage cabinets

Here are some small laundry room ideas that can help you get organized and make you look forward to doing laundry.   

Get stacked  

A stackable washer and dryer system can make the most of your vertical space. This can leave room for wall-mounted laundry room cabinets for more storage, or other useful space-saving items like flip-down drying racks or storage towers. In small laundry rooms, space is at a premium, so a stackable system can free up valuable floor area as well, making room for laundry baskets, more laundry room storage cabinets, or even valuable surface area.  

Simple tools for a small laundry room  

Ideas abound for your small laundry room when it comes to found storage options. If you don’t have the space for laundry room cabinets, consider stackable storage boxes with lids that can also serve as valuable surface area. Narrow rolling carts can slip into the tiniest of spaces. Wire wall racks can serve to hold detergents and other items. Items that work in kitchens can also serve up ideas for your small laundry room, such as cabinet door hangers, dish bins and wall hangers.  

Pretty up your small laundry room  

Just because you have a small laundry room doesn’t mean it doesn’t have to feel that way, especially when you spend a lot of time there. Consider a new paint job or perhaps a bit of decals or wallpaper. Bright colors can open up a small space, and uniform colors can give your small laundry room a much larger feel. A bright ceiling light can make the laundry room feel less cramped. At the very least, a decorative touch can make a small laundry room more pleasant to use.

Laundry Room Organization Ideas


Despite being a heavily used area in the home, the laundry room is often overlooked when it comes to home improvement projects. It is sometimes easier to simply close the door than to consider making use of this busy part of the home. Fortunately, with today’s storage solutions and innovative laundry room cabinets, the laundry room can quickly become one of the best rooms in your home. Here are some ways to make the most of your laundry room organization.

laundry room storage cabinets 

Optimize your existing laundry room space 

No matter the size of your laundry room, you have the opportunity to do big things if your space is properly maximized. Use closed front-end storage cabinets to keep a small space functioning without the clutter. Laundry room cabinets can be customized to fit the space you have and maximize your laundry room storage. Also, make sure to utilize bright and cheery lighting to make the room feel bigger. 

A place for everything and everything in its place 

Designate a space for all the items you need to keep handy when using you laundry room. This will simplify the laundry process, and allow you to quickly and easily maneuver around your space. If you are short on places to put items then try to be creative with the empty spaces in the room. For instance, vertical spaces are good for additional laundry room cabinets that can be used to hold essential items. 

Decorate your laundry room 

Take advantage of your design know-how and decorate your laundry room with colors, curtains and wall decals. Use uniform colors in smaller laundry rooms to give the room a more pulled-together and bigger feel. Also, serene color choices and wall decals will help give the space its own personality. For larger laundry rooms, recessed lighting can be used to highlight the essential items. 

Add additional laundry room storage 

Laundry rooms can become great multi-purpose rooms through the use of additional storage solutions. Also, extra laundry room storage space can allow homeowners to hide unsightly work items. There are cabinet and storage solutions for just about any need, so don’t be afraid to indulge your creative side with a variety of additional laundry room cabinets or other storage options. 

Closet Works offers custom organization systems for laundry rooms of all shapes and sizes. To get started on your custom laundry room storage cabinets with Closet Works today visit our website at or call us at 800-425-6738 for your in home consultation. Start making the most of your laundry room today.

Preparing for Thanksgiving with a Custom Designed Pantry Storage System


A well-stocked and well-organized pantry is the key to Thanksgiving dinner success. Unfortunately, the pantry is often one of the messiest spaces in the home. This is because most pantries are not designed with organizational systems and features to control the clutter that naturally develops over time. This Thanksgiving prepare yourself with a custom pantry storage system that will help keep you and your family organized now and for years to come.

pantry shelving system  
With a custom designed pantry storage system there is:

  • No more time spent cleaning or sorting through old and empty food containers and chip packets
  • No more cluttered and wasted storage space
  • No more hide and seek with misplaced boxes and jars
  • No more money spent on unnecessary grocery visits to buy items you already own but can’t easily see
  • No more worry when entertaining guests in the kitchen

Interested in pantry organization? Then check out this video to see a Closet Works pantry organization project go from start to finish. 

To start the process of customizing your own pantry organizational system, browse our pantry shelving systems section for ideas and inspiration. Then set up an appointment for a free in-home consultation with a member of our Chicago space saving design team. Or you can call us toll free at 800-4-CLOSET if you'd like to personally discuss your pantry organization needs with one of our specialists. 

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