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Closet Works Introduces the 360 Organizer™ by Lazy Lee

360 Organizer by Lazy Lee

We are excited to announce that the 360 Organizer™ by Lazy Lee is now available at Closet Works! The patent-pending 360 Organizer uses an innovative rotating device to allow for 360 degrees of easy and quiet rotation, while dramatically increasing storage space. The organizer can be used for shoes, clothes, pantries, wine storage, and much more. It is one of our most versatile systems ever! It can improve storage and organization in any space including the bedroom, pantry, laundry room, and even the home office.

The 360 Organizer™ comes in two standard configurations, but can be customized to meet your unique storage needs. The two configurations are The Shoe Spinner and The Valet. The Shoe Spinner consists of all shelving which is ideal for shoes, purses, and folded items. The Valet also consists of shelving, but comes with drawers and space for long hanging items. Both configurations come in a wide variety of colors, and both allow for the shelves to be adjusted to accommodate different item heights.

For more information on the 360 Organizer™ click here or call toll-free at 800-4-CLOSET. Chicagoland residents can also get a sneak peak of the 360 organizer by visiting the Closet Works showroom at 2000 N. Clybourn Avenue in Chicago.

Reunite with the Outfits You Love


Closet Works, closet organizational system

Take a moment to think about the most cherished outfits you’ve worn in your lifetime. Chances are this is a surprisingly easy thing for you to do. But can you remember the energy and excitement that came with wearing those outfits for the first time? Can you remember that very first day in a hot, new outfit? 

What did it feel like to wear?
Were your shoulders back?
Was your hair perfect and flowing?
Did your friend (or lover) look on at you in awe and admiration? 

Did you change someone’s life on that day?

The feelings and memories that come with our answers to these questions show us how much we care for the clothes we wear. The problem is that we get bored quickly, and bury those special outfits under new purchases that never end up meaning as much. Before long, we forget about our once favorite outfits and fail to see them again in the same glowing light. 

They need to be rescued!

Quick! Call Closet Works for a free in-home, designer consultation to get started on your dream closet, and reunite with the outfits you love!

800-4-CLOSET (800-425-6738)

Closet Works Collecting Canned Goods and Coats for Local Food Drive

Closet Works is participating in the Lakeview Food Drive
This November, Closet Works is participating in the Lakeview pantry coat and food drive. With 495,000 Chicagoans suffering from food insecurity, the Lakeview pantry aims to end hunger in the Chicago area by distributing food six days per week to people in need. 

To get involved, drop off any canned goods or coats to the Closet Works showroom located at 2000 N. Clybourn Ave, Chicago, IL 60614. Please make sure to stop by with your donations before November 30, 2014.

Thank you!

Give Your Fall Wardrobe a Fabulous New Home!


Screen Shot 2014 09 29 at 12.55.12 PM

With the end of summer approaching, it’s almost time to switch-out your wardrobe into one more suitable for fall. Now is the ideal time to improve your closet’s organization. Call for an appointment today to get started on creating the perfect customized closet solution. Our professional closet designers. engineers, fabricators and installers, all strive to make your personal space as beautiful as it is organized.

Set up an appointment today and receive a FREE $25 VISA gift card! Or refer a family member or friend and also receive a FREE $25 VISA gift card!

Screen Shot 2014 09 29 at 12.55.39 PM

Looking to Reinvent Your Style This Fall?


Fall is the near universal time of year to reassess your wardrobe and update it for the new fashion year. It is also the perfect time to reinvent your style before beginning a new school year, a new job, a new opportunity, etc. The process of de-cluttering your current closet collection of clothes and finding the perfect seasonal replacements can be challenging. Some closets need minor maintenance and updates while others need to be entirely reinvented with a custom closet solution. This depends on the amount of room in your closet and whether or not you are satisfied with your current style.

To help with the Fall transition we wanted to share one of our favorite resources for wardrobe planning:

Screen Shot 2014 09 24 at 12.12.11 PM

This resource is the ultimate guide to help you kick start your new style. It covers every step (and then some) in the wardrobe planning process. One of our favorite articles in this collection includes the wardrobe planning method borrowed from interior design ideas. That article can be viewed here:

Screen Shot 2014 09 24 at 12.16.27 PM
Following the ideas found in this resource will help you plan the perfect wardrobe. And a well planned wardrobe, when paired with a well designed closet will ultimately help you become more efficient, confident, and stylish! 

Interested in a custom closet to aid in your new style this Fall? Closet Works can help! Browse our closet photo gallery for ideas and inspiration. Then set up an appointment for a free in-home consultation with a member of our Chicago space saving closet design team. Or you can call us toll free at 1-800-4-CLOSET.

The Closet Works Showroom Video Tour Sneak Peek


Have you ever wanted to visit the Closet Works showroom from the comfort of your own home? Well, now you can with the new Closet Works Showroom tour video. The video provides a sneak peek at our showroom facility in Chicago, Illinois. Checkout the video below or visit our new showroom page for more information. 

If you like what you see, please stop by sometime to say hello and view our organization systems up close and in person! Our showroom has many custom closet solutions to view and help give you ideas for what styles you like and what organization systems would fit your needs. We also have a home office, wall bed and garage to view for inspiration to customize your space in your home.

The Closet Works showroom is conveniently located at 2000 N. Clybourn, just a couple blocks north of North Ave. & Clybourn Ave. - approximately 10 minutes from the Kennedy Expressway. Convenient free parking is available.

Benefits of Having a Wall Bed / Murphy Bed In Your Home


Have you ever wanted to make more efficient use out of the space in your spare room/guest room? If so, then a hidden wall bed / Murphy bed is the solution you’ve been looking for. Whether you live in an apartment or a house a wall bed offers many advantages to a traditional bedroom set up. 

These photos from one of our recently completed wall bed projects highlight the many benefits to be gained from installing a wall bed in your home. 


IMG 4442 

Wall beds allow apartment dwellers to enjoy extra floor space. By including dual use furniture, such as a pull out desk, wall bed owners also gain practical work space in areas that might previously have been too cluttered.

IMG 4392

Installing a wall bed in your guest room can give you enough space to to transform the area into a functional office space when not hosting guests.

IMG 4429

If you have kids, then you know the value in having playtime floor space in their rooms. By installing a wall bed / Murphy bed you gain the freedom to turn your kids’ bedrooms into play areas during the day and tranquil sleeping spaces during the night.


Do you have an area in your house that needs a custom wall bed solution? To start the process of customizing your own space, browse our wall bed gallery for ideas and inspiration. Then set up an appointment for a free in-home consultation with a member of our Chicago space saving design team. Or you can call us toll free at 1-800-4-CLOSET.

Thank You!


With Labor Day weekend approaching we would like to thank the entire Closet Works team for their incredible work in helping us deliver the best possible home organization products while supporting the USA. Together we are contributing to a quarter century long tradition of designing, engineering, and fabricating Closet Works organizational systems in the USA!

Thank you for all your hard work and have a great Labor Day weekend!


Screen Shot 2014 08 29 at 12.31.51 PM


Relieve Back to School Stress by Revamping Your Kids' Closet Storage Space


Back to school season can be both exciting and overwhelming! As the routines of summer come to a close you have to prepare yourself for the chaos that often comes with the first few weeks of the new school year. One of the biggest issues during a school-day morning is getting your kids dressed and ready for the day. By investing time in organized closet storage and routine for your kids you can alleviate much of the morning stress that comes with the new school year. 

Screen Shot 2014 08 22 at 12.38.05 PM


The first step in back-to-school prep and closet organization is to assess your child's current closet storage space. Take all clothing items out of the old closet and have your child try them on. Anything that does not fit should be sorted into a donate or discard pile while all the rest of the items should be put into a keep pile.

The next step is to define the area or closet space that you and your child will be using throughout the school year. Take any and all measurements while the space is empty of all clothes and other items. This will be hugely important in helping you choose the best custom closet solution for the space and for your needs. Check out our ideas gallery for some inspiration.

describe the image


The last step is to invest in bins for your child’s closet organization. Kids are not usually concerned with making sure that everything is put away perfectly. By using a closet organizer bin system for your child’s toys and other items you will be ensuring that everything will be put away. Make sure to use labels and clear containers to help you and your child clearly and easily see where everything is supposed to go. 

To start the process of customizing your own closet organization system, browse our closet gallery for ideas and inspiration. Then set up an appointment for a free in-home consultation with a member of our Chicago space saving design team. Or you can call us toll free at 800-4-CLOSET.

Simplify Your Closet with Ease


We recently discovered this wonderful closet organization infographic created by the good people at Apartment Geeks. The infographic presents ways to help people simplify their closet so that they can simplify their lives and hopefully save money!

The image covers a lot of the organization tips and tricks to maximize your closet storage space like we’ve been discussing here at Closet Works. It does an excellent job of sharing these closet organization tips in a simple, memorable way. We are definitely going to keep this one close for our future cleaning and closet organization sessions!

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