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Feb. 19 2018

wire basket closet hamper system from Closet Works

The Facts About Custom Closet Hampers

Types of Built In Hampers Used in Custom Storage Systems: Built in hampers are a custom closet accessory. There are two main types of built in hampers used in custom closets — the tilt out hamper and the roll out or pull out closet hamper. Both operate manually. They often feature multiple compartments for sorting laundry, and easy-to-lift removable bags with handles for carrying dirty clothes to the wash.

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Feb. 12 2018

Closet drawer cam lock from Closet Works

Types of Drawer Locks Used in Custom Closet Systems

Cam Locks Versus StealthLocks® for Closet Drawer Security: The types of locks typically used in closet drawers include traditional cam locks and radio frequency controlled hidden locks. Both types of locking mechanisms provide a level of security to discourage theft. But which type to choose? Each has its own advantages and the best type to use will depend on your own situation.

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Feb. 5 2018

Rotating closet system from Closet Works

The Advantages of Rotating Closets

The Many Benefits, Types and Uses of Rotating Closets — Including Revolving Shoe Racks & Spinning Closet Organizers.

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Jan. 30 2018

Closet Works Releases New Television Commercial

Closet Works Releases Second Commercial

Place Organization in Our Hands, in Your Budget: Closet Works is excited to announce the release of our latest television commercial which will will air on over 42 TV Networks.

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Jan. 23 2018

Color Trends 2018

Interior Color Trends 2018

A closer look into the predicted palettes of 2018: Out with the old, in with the new. According to styling trends of 2018, we're narrowing down our palettes for a minimalistic mindset and fresh start so we have nothing holding us back from meeting our goals. Closet Works is here to give in depth explanations on the trending colors (including PANTONE®'s Color of the Year) and decor ideas to carry us through the new year.

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Jan. 15 2018

Creating a Home Office

Creating a Home Office

How to add a separate work space to a small home when there is no more room: There are many advantages to having a space for working that is removed from your personal living area. In addition to providing a mental separation between work and home life, a home office can help you stay organized. The problem for many people is that they live in tight or crowded quarters, and have trouble finding a separate area that can be designated solely for work. The space you need is probably available somewhere, however. You just need to think creatively in order to find it.

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Jan. 8 2018

the organization diet

The Organization Diet: Resolve to Improve Your Health & Organize Your Life By Clearing Out The Clutter

Studies Show That Getting Organized Can Improve Multiple Aspects of Your Life, Including Weight: Cleaning and organizing is easier than losing weight for most of us. Try putting your possessions on a diet and clearing your clutter. Then watch to see if your weight goes down on its own along with your stress levels.

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Dec. 27 2017

closet lighting ideas

Closet Lighting Ideas

Understanding the ABCs of Closet Lighting: Closet lighting is an often overlooked area of space management and storage design. However, adding this feature to your closet can make the difference between a space that is dark and gloomy versus one that literally shines with beauty and functionality.

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Dec. 18 2017

how to plan a closet remodel

How to Plan a Closet Remodel

Closet Remodeling Ideas: Plan your perfect closet around your individual needs by considering the following wardrobe questions, and then carefully measuring your available space to determine how best to incorporate your personal storage requirements into your closet remodel.

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Dec. 11 2017

how to store wine

How to Store Wine & Maintain Its Quality

Proper storage can be summed up with a few key points that are simple and easy to remember. The essential elements of good wine storage can be easily remembered by the acronym B.O.T.T.L.E.Block Oxygen, Temperature, Time, Light, and Evaporation.

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Dec. 04 2017

how to store baked goods

The Secrets of How to Store Shoes

Make Them Last Longer & Grow Your Footware Collection! No matter how many shoes you have, the bottom line is that you probably want them to last as long as possible. Having built a lot of shoes storage over the years, we can give you some great tips on footware storage and strategies that will help you get the most out of your own shoe collection.

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Nov. 27 2017

how to store baked goods

How to Store Baked Goods

Plan Your Holiday Baking Marathon With These Storage Tips! If you are planning on doing a lot of baking for the holidays so that you can be ready with an abundance of goodies on a moments notice, you'll need to store your surplus so that it lasts through the season. Different types of treats need different storage techniques. Learn the tricks of the trade to ensure that your cookies, cakes and other baked goods always taste just like they just came out of the oven.

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Nov. 20 2017

how to organize bedroom storage

Bedroom Storage Ideas

Make the Most of Your Sleeping Quarters with These Organizing Ideas for Small Bedrooms & Challenging Spaces! Bedrooms should feel peaceful and tranquil. That means getting rid of the clutter and organizing what is left to create a serene and peceful environment for sleeping. Less furniture in the room will make the space seem larger, but at what cost to storage? How do we come up with enough room to store all of our possessions? These clever storage ideas will help you increase overall storage while making the most of your bedroom space.

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Nov. 13 2017

how to organize a craft room

How to Organize a Craft Room

Craft Room Ideas That Will Inspire Your Passion to Create: With the children home from school and the holidays quickly approaching, many more households will find themselves engaged in craft projects with the kids. Furthermore, large numbers of adults have turned to arts and crafts as a way to relax and fullfill their own inner creativity. Being able to present a personalized gift to loved ones is always a treasure that cannot be matched by factory made purchases. One thing is certain. Whether you're into painting, sculpting, sewing, scrapbooking, sketching, building birdhouses, models, or just need a space to wrap presents, a designated craft area will enhance your ability to follow your passion.

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Nov. 07 2017

how to organize shoes and purses

How to Organize Shoes and Purses

Storage Solutions for Shoes and Purses: It's easy for shoes and bags to pile up over the years and many people find themselves stuck in a storage rut when it comes to organizing them. If you find yourself with a surplus of shoes and bags but lacking in space, Closet Works is here to offer plenty of storage ideas from quick DIY answers, helpful closet accessories, and installations of your very own show-stopping organization systems.

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Oct. 30 2017

gift ideas for organization

The Gift of Organization

Something Everyone Can Use, but Few Think of Buying for Themselves: Have you ever felt that the holidays seem to arrive earlier and earlier every year? Store windows featuring seasonal displays for the Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanzaa/New Year's season will dominate our streets and communities for the next couple of months, sending out constant reminders that it is time to get started on your holiday shopping spree. You may succumb to feeling overwhelming pressure due to the stress and expense of trying to find the perfect gift for each and every one of your loved ones. Luckily, finding that awesome gift that everyone can use, is affordable, and would never occur to most people to buy for themselves isn't as hard as you think. The gift of organization comes in a wide array of price points to meet all budgets and, chances are, everyone on your list could benefit from time gained through organized storage solutions.

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Oct. 23 2017

walk through closet connects bedroom to bathroom

Understanding Custom Closet Pricing

Closet Systems Come in Multiple Price Points to Fit Many Budgets: When pricing custom closets, each project is extremely individual (hence the word custom) and requires a different price. There are many factors that determine the price of a custom closet or other organization system — and several price points for any given design depending on the materials and finishes used for the construction. Always ask for a free estimate. Initial rendered drawings of your new closet/other organization system should be included without charge in the initial proposal for the project so that you can see exactly what you will be getting for your money.

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Oct. 16 2017

walk through closet connects bedroom to bathroom

Closet Design Tips for a Walk Through Closet

Using a Walk Through Closet to Maximize Your Storage Space: Hallways take up a lot of room in a home. Functionally, they will get you to and from one space to the next, but little else. With the rising cost per square foot of the current Chicago real estate market, it's best to make every square inch count. One strategy is to open up the hallway into an adjoining room, creating a "walk through" space that handles dual purposes.

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Oct. 9 2017


Pantry Ideas & Types of Pantry Shelving Systems

Pantry Storage Systems To Take You Through the Holiday Season & Beyond: It's hard to believe that fourth quarter is here and the end of the year is fast approaching. Soon, the indoor holiday entertaining season will be upon us in full force. No matter whether you are preparing a Thanksgiving feast for 30 or hosting an intimate gathering of family and friends, food and drink is bound to be a major part of your entertainment scene. People may drop by unexpectedly. Last minute guests may be added to your dinner parties. If impromptu gatherings are part of your holiday tradition, a little planning in the pantry and some organized storage solutions can ensure that everything goes smoothly, allowing you to focus on your guests and enjoy the season to its fullest.

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Oct. 2 2017

horizontal wall bed and media center system

Hidden Guest Beds for Small Spaces

The Benefits of Wall Beds, Murphy Beds & Other Guest Beds for Small Spaces: Housing prices are generally calculated on a "per square foot" basis, so being able to do more with less space offers immediate returns for the new home buyer as well as current homeowners who want to maximize what they already have before taking the plunge into a room addition or larger, more expensive home. Hidden beds make perfect guest beds for small spaces or multifunction areas in that they take up real estate only when in use. There are numerous types and brands of hidden guest beds for small spaces, but they all fall into six basic categories, each with different benefits, comfort levels and price points.

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Sep. 25 2017

closet organization ideas from the pros

Closet Organization Ideas

The Pros' Secrets to Optimal Closet Design & Functionality: Most people would like a little more closet space. In this day and age, it is difficult to avoid having a lot of possessions cluttering our lives — and many people may not even want to avoid it. It can be nice to own many things that reflect our various interests, however, no one really wants to become a messy horder. In order to keep our homes chaos free, we must maintain orderly storage options that can handle all of our "stuff." In most instances, that will be the closet. Rooms rarely come with pre-optimized closet storage, but with some rearranging and new organization accessories, everyone can have more room in the closet.

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Sep. 18 2017

family entertainment center for large screen TV and home theater experience

Home Media Center Solutions

The Ins and Outs of Multifunctional Home Media Furniture: As the days grow shorter and the weather turns cool, many homeowners will find themselves spending an increasing amount of time inside their homes. Indoor activities may gradually take precedence over outdoor fun as families begin to look for easy, stay-at-home entertainment options. If you like to throw parties at home with friends or family, now is a good time to take inventory of your setup. The traditional "entertainment center" or "media furniture" may play strongly in your indoor social season plans. Different types of media center configurations will offer varying entertainment options for homeowners.

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Sep. 11 2017

Convert bedroom into closet

Best Practices When Converting a Bedroom Into a Closet

There are several considerations when converting a bedroom into a closet. Poorly done and the home simply goes from a three bedroom to a two bedroom in the real estate listing. However, a well done bedroom to closet makeover will add rather than detract from the home's value. The savvy owner will keep these tips in mind in order to both maximize home value and increase storage potential.

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Sep. 5 2017

Storage ideas for small bathrooms

Clever Storage Ideas For Small Bathrooms

Bathrooms are a highly trafficked space in every home. Not only are they necessary, but they are often the permanent storage spot for a lot of life's essentials — from soap to shampoo to shaving cream. So what are the best small bathroom storage ideas that will help get the most return from what is often a very small space? Try these seven clever storage solutions for tiny bathrooms in your own home to eliminate the trouble spots.

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Aug. 28 2017

personalize the hardware on your cabinetry

Easy Ways to Add Personal Style to the Home

5 Easy, Inexpensive Ideas That Can Instantly Personalize Your Home: Looking to make a big change but the budget won't allow? Even small steps can make a big difference in staking a personality claim on your domain. Apply these 5 easy, inexpensive changes and instantly personalize your space.

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Aug. 21 2017

Nursery Closet Organization Ideas

Nursery Closet Organization Ideas

How to Organize a Closet for a New Baby: Gaining a new son or daughter is a major life change — a good change, a happy change — that spurs many parents to take action in order to better welcome the new baby and make the transition to a larger family unit a little easier. Every one knows parenting requires a lot of time and attention, especially for a newborn. One way to gain more effective time management over any situation is to become super organized. Whether you're setting up a nursery for the first time or you're a veteran parent, organizing the baby's closet space will help you save time and get control over the often chaotic clutter that accompanies the arrival of that new little bundle of joy.

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Aug. 14 2017

Ensure academic success through organization

Get Set for a Successful School Year By Helping Your Children Get Organized

Good organization skills can increase school success and alleviate stress in school aged children. It's sad to say goodbye to the slow, leisurely pace of lazy summer days and relaxing in the backyard or at the pool — however, time moves ahead and a new school year is ready to begin! Help your kids transition and set them on the right track to a successful school year with increased organization. Organization affects learning in four key areas including following directions, learning to read, literacy and math. By following these steps, you can help increase academic performance and guide your children on the path to a winning school year.

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Aug. 9 2017

Closet Works wins Best of Chicago designation for 2017

Chicago Magazine Awards Closet Works as the Best Closet Organizer Company in Chicago

Closet Works is proud to have been designated the Best Closet Organizer Company in Chicago by Chicago Magazine for 2017. We would like to thank our staff — because a company is nothing without the dedicated people who work there, striving everyday to provide the best possible product and service at the best possible price to our clients. We would also like to thank all of our customers and professional partners, without whom this award would not have been possible!

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Aug. 7 2017

Velvet Lined Acrylic Jewelry Drawer Organizer and Storage System

How To Safely Organize, Protect and Store Jewelry

Jewelry is often the finishing touch to any fashion ensemble and can pull the entire look together. The right pieces will even quickly dress up a daytime work outfit for evening use. The problem is that most jewelry is small, delicate, easily lost and can be tangled or damaged if not stored properly. Try these tips to get your jewelry organized and protected so that you will be able to enjoy many years of use from each piece.

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Jul. 31 2017

Ideas for Entryway and Mud Room Organization

The Drop Zone: Ideas for Entryway Organization

Who amongst us doesn't walk in the door and "dump" stuff? Be it your keys, your coat, your cell phone or the grocery bags — most people walk into their house and set something down. Eliminate the clutter of chaos-filled entrances to your home by creating "The Drop Zone". This kind of space is usually part of a "back door" mud room, other entryway that you commonly use, or possibly a master closet. There are several things to consider when setting up a winning Drop Zone in your own home. Follow these organization tips to banish entryway clutter.

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Jul. 24 2017

How to fold sweaters and shirts for stacking on closet shelves

How to Fold Shirts and Sweaters for Perfect Stacking on Closet Shelves

Ever wonder how clothing stores get their stacks of shirts, pants and sweaters looking so straight and organized? You can have perfectly folded stacks of garments also if you follow these simple folding tips before adding your piles of shirts and sweaters to your own closet shelves.

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Jul. 17 2017

How to organize the clothes in your closet

How to Organize the Clothes in Your Closets

So, you've decided to take the plunge into a better organized lifestyle. Congratulations! There are several steps to achieving a perfectly organized closet. Follow these tips to get your perfect closet like the ones offered by professional custom closet companies.

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Jul. 10 2017

How to organize your pantry to maximize storage

How to Design & Organize a Pantry

There are a number of tips and tricks to good pantry organization. The ultimate pantry design and organizational system that is best for you will depend on a number of factors, including: the size and shape of the available space; the types and quantity of items to be stored; ergonomic factors like your height; as well as budget considerations. The constant in every pantry organization project, however, is the need to maximize storage space in a way that provides easy access and high visibility of all inventory. Follow these guidelines, and you'll be on your way to having a more efficient food/pantry storage system.

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Jul. 03 2017

Organized closets reduce stress on the brain

Reduce Stress by Organizing Your Closet

Science has proven that mess equals stress. It is also a known fact that constant stress on the human brain drains a person of energy, making them tired, depressed, anxious, crabby and unproductive. It can even lead to insomnia and major health problems. Getting rid of the clutter will go a long way to eliminating stress and creating a healthier, more productive lifestyle. A good way to start is by putting everything away. For most of us, that means cleaning out and organizing our closets. It will help you relax and you may even sleep better at night.

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Jun. 26 2017

Custom closets increase home value

Why a Custom Organized Closet Adds Value to a Home

Among new luxury home buyers, closets are a major priority. Survey results indicate that a whopping 75.9% of high end homebuyers want a luxury closet and suite as their #1 desired amenity. This indicates that the custom, organized closet is a necessity when selling in the upper end home market. Closets, however, can be a financially smart choice in any home — whether high end, middle class, or even for first time buyer housing. Custom closets can add value to all of these types of homes in several ways.

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Jun. 20 2017

How to keep big closets when downsizing to a small house

Downsized Homes — But NOT Downsized Closets

Whether the kids are gone and a couple suddenly finds themselves "empty nesters," or a family realizes that they don't need all the space they thought they did, downsizing to a smaller home is a current trend in American housing. And it doesn't necessarily mean trading a house for a condo. Just take a look at the growing demand for custom "tiny houses" which have become so popular that they even managed to get their own TV show. A small house doesn't necessarily mean a small closet, however. Whether new construction or old, homeowners want and need storage space.

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Jun. 13 2017

How to add closet space to an old house without closets

How to Maximize the Closet Space in a Vintage 1874 Victorian Home & Suit Modern Needs

It's easy to fall in love with a historic home or neighborhood. Historic homes have a type of charm and beauty that can't be duplicated by modern buildings. On the plus side, you get to live in a piece of history. However, there are downsides to living in a vintage home as well. One of the challenges of living in an old home is the lack of closet space found in these types of buildings. However, with a little ingenuity, storage space can be added to an older home without having to increase the overall square footage or ruin the vintage charm of the building.

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Jun. 6 2017

Closet organization tips to clear closet clutter

Tips for Clearing Out Old Closet Clutter

Maintaining your closet so that it stays neatly arranged and free of clutter can be a challenge for even the most organized among us. Clearing out the surplus items you no longer use is key in keeping things tidy. Try these organizational tips for getting your wardrobe and closet into tip top shape for the summer.

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Apr. 27 2017

2017 Top Shelf Award Winners
2017 Top Shelf Award Winners.

Closet Works Sweeps the 2017 Top Shelf Awards with Five Wins

Closet Works' designers blitzed the Top Shelf Awards ceremony, taking home awards in more than half of all the categories. Closet Works garnered four first place wins and one honorable mention in the Top Shelf 2017 national competition. There is one more "People's Choice Award" to be decided by May 3rd. Closet Works has 18 of the 58 entries being considered for this award.

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Mar. 15 2017

Closet Works television commercial airs

"A Moment of Peace" Brought to you by Closet Works

Closet Works launches a new television and radio advertising campaign offering closet organization tips and their message "Organize Your Life" with custom closets.

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Jan. 17 2017

Closet Works Closet Designers & Professional Organize in Chicago, IL on Houzz

Closet Works Closet Designers & Professional Organize in Chicago, IL on Houzz

Closet Works wins the "Best of Houzz 2017" Award for Design and Service

Houzz has awarded Closet Works with the 2017 "Best Design" award and the 2017 "Best Customer Service" award.

The Best Of Houzz is awarded annually in three categories: Design, Customer Service and Photography. Design award winners' work was the most popular among the more than 40 million monthly users on Houzz. Customer Service honors are based on several factors, including the number and quality of client reviews a professional received in 2016. Architecture and interior design photographers whose images were most popular are recognized with the Photography award. These badges help homeowners identify popular and top-rated home professionals in every metro area on Houzz.

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Jan. 17 2017

Closet Works wins the Angies List Super Service Award for 2016

Closet Works Receives the 2016 Angie's List Super Service Award

The Super Service Award, a leading national honor, gives Angie's List members confidence to invest in business services. The Super Service Award is based on businesses overall ratings and reviews throughout 2016. There is no fee or payment associated with receiving the Super Service Award.

The Angie's List Super Service Award:

  • The award honors excellence among service and health providers who maintain a superior service record
  • Each year, less than 5% of thousands of businesses earn the award
  • The award is based on Price, Quality, Professionalism, Punctuality, Responsiveness
  • Closet Works is receiving this award for the nineth year in a row and has won a total of 14 times since 2002

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Dec. 16 2016

Shoe cubbies and closet organizers perfect decorating tools for the holidays

Shoe Cubbies and Closet Organizers Are Perfect Decorating Tools for the Holidays

Closet organizers like shoe cubbies and and lingerie dividers are perfect solutions to both displaying and storing precious holiday decorations.

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Oct. 5 2016

Pantone interior color predictions for 2017

Color Trends for 2017

As we enter the final quarter of 2016, its a good time to look at forcasted changes in interior color palletes for the coming year. The Pantone Institute, one of the foremost authorities on color trends, offers several color pallette preditions that will "saturate" the market with new, exciting and fresh hues and color combinations.

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Sep. 30 2016

Closet organization tips on how to organize your shoes

Optimal Shoe Storage & Organization

If you love shoes, the more storage space the better. Finding good, efficient ways to keep all the different types of shoes accessible — in the season you wear them — takes a bit of organizational effort, but with every unique closet and wardrobe, there are creative ways to maximize shoe storage space. Closet Works knows how to maximize shoe storage for every type of closet or situation and offers easy to follow closet organization tips. Whether you have an elaborate walk-in closet dedicated to your shoe collection, just a few shelves, or something in between, these ideas will help you on your quest to maximum footwear storage. Read More

Aug. 1 2016

How to organize your garage

Garage Cleaning Tips for the Overwhelmed

Do you have a jam-packed garage that you'd like to straighten up? If you're feeling overwhelmed before you've even begun, this helpful guide from Houzz is for you. By breaking a mountain of a task into bite-size pieces, you can bring your out-of-control-messy garage into focus. We offer garage and closet organization tips in baby steps to help in getting started, smart storage ideas and more. Before you know it, you will have transformed a chaotic free-for-all space into a functional, organized storage area.

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July 2016

Choosing Accessories for an Upscale Look While on a Budget

Finding Your Dream Closet on a Budget!

More and more homeowners are asking for dream dressing rooms rather than simple custom walk in closets. Inspiration for these rooms comes from the constant bombardment by media — everything from celebrity interviews and home shows to social media like Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook and Houzz. Most people, however, don't have a celebrity pocket book to cover the cost of an extravagant dressing room and closet system. So how do you achieve the look you desire? By selecting different upgrades and special features that offer an instant "WOW" factor, but work within your concept and price range. Check out these closet organization tips to help realize your own dream closet.

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June 1 2016

man cave

Making Your Man Cave!

With Father's Day quickly approaching, thoughts turn to the favorite men in our lives. How better to honor them than with a special place of their own — the Man Cave. A Man Cave is like a private room/space/area for a man where he can have all his gadgets and toys and things are all his. It's a a cool space for Dad, and is usually decorated without female influence.

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May, 27 2016

FDMC interview with Closet Works

FDMC Digital Magazine Interviews Closet Works!

FDMC, the "go to" source for information on best practices in woodworking technology and business, interviewed Closet Works and published an article on custom storage, shop efficiency and the Closet Works business model.

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April 2016

How to Get Rid of Paper Clutter

Paper Clutter Cures

Paper is the number one culprit of clutter. Papers pile up very quickly, so having good systems in place to control incoming paper is vital. Listed below are four major paper clutter sources with solutions touted by Chaos To Order and Closet Works on how to keep things under control. The mail is a never ending stream of incoming clutter. Having a good system for processing mail starts with a trash can/recycle bin nearby. Some mail might never make it into the home. Additional common sources of paper clutter include bills, magazines, catalogs, newspapers, kids school and artwork...

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April 2016

top shelf winner

Closet Works Wins Top Shelf Design Award!

Closet Works designer Sue Trainor's "Young Woman's Dressing Room" was selected for 1st place as the most innovative closet design of 2015 in the category of "laminate closets under 18 linear feet"! The award was presented at the Closets & Design Expo 2016 in Pasadena California. Accepting the award for Sue was Zena Hallman, director of Sales and Marketing for Closet Works.

Mar. 3 2016

top shelf award

Closet Works Finalist for the Top Shelf Design Awards!

Closet Works designer Sue Trainor has made it into the Top Shelf Award finals for her "Young Woman's Dressing Room" design. These awards are give for the most innovative designs produced in the previous calendar year — 2015. Sue's dressing room closet organization system design was also featured in the Lake Forest Showhouse and Gardens 2015 housewalk.

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Feb. 19 2016

suspended closet system

Chicago Area Russian Speaking Community Flocks to Closet Works as Prime Source for Custom Closets and Cabinetry!

Closet Works serves all markets in the Chicago metro area. The company was recently featured in the U.S. SVET media — the Midwest's first and oldest publishing and advertising company serving the Russian, Ukrainian and Lithuanian communities in the Russian language since 1990.

If you can read Russian, check out the full article by clicking the link below and learn why the Chicago Russian speaking community prefers Closet Works.

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Jan. 3 2016

Closet Works opens new showroom

Closet Works Opens New Larger Showroom!

Closet Works started out the new year fresh with a brand new, larger showroom! Just a couple of blocks from the old site, the new showroom is conveniently located at 2112 North Clybourn Ave., Chicago 60614.

This new showroom features 24 new displays to help give you ideas and inspiration on your remodeling projects. Find everything from walk in and reach in closet displays to pantries, home offices, laundry room ideas, mud room storage, garage cabinetry and organization — including two new lines of garage flooring — plus wall bed displays, media centers, commercial spaces and more.

Check out the new 360 Organizer® display,including our new model, the Double Hang 360 Organizer.

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Dec. 18 2015

Closet Works adds 2 new vehicles to the fleet

It's easy to get the whole scoop on Closet Works, your premier closet organizer company, and the 360 Organizer® by Lazy Lee® with a single phone call, checking the website or a visit to our ‪#Chicago showroom on Clybourn Avenue. Stop by if you want to see the 360 Organizer® by Lazy Lee® in action or see the latest innovations in high-end organization systems.

Closet Works Expands Installation Vehicle Fleet!

We've expanded our installation fleet in order to better serve our customers! We have added two new vehicles to the Closet Works fleet and they are out installing organized solutions across Chicagoland every day. These new vans have been wrapped with the ‪#360Organizer by ‪#LazyLee. This expands the Closet Works fleet to now be 18 installation vans!

Whether you are looking down on the street from a high rise window, or sitting in traffic, look for our distinctive graphics that proudly display the Closet Works logo and the company contact information. The Closet Works name is synonymous with high quality closet organization, and whenever you see these graphics you know that some lucky sole is getting the best organization system available.

Shouldn't that person be you?

Dec. 16 2015

Dec. 4 2015

Should Your Closet Be a Suspended or Floor-Based System? What's the Difference?

Understanding the difference between suspended and floor-based custom organization systems can be critical to the overall satisfaction with your Closet Works™ product. Each type of closet system has its own benefits and drawbacks. The best solution depends on the location, intended use and your own personal preferences.

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Nov. 29 2015

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Organization & Time Management Go Hand in Hand

“For every minute spent organizing, an hour is earned.” via #organizing app Sortly. May your week be full of hours earned ;)

Posted by Closet Works on Sunday, November 29, 2015

Nov. 2015

Sep. 2015

Closet Works Accepts the 2014 Super Service Award from Angie's List

The Super Service Award, a leading national honor, gives Angie's List members confidence to invest in business services. The Super Service Award is based on businesses overall ratings and reviews from November 1st (2014) thru October 31st of the next year (2015). There is no fee or payment associated with receiving the Super Service Award.

The Angie's List Super Service Award:

  • The award honors excellence among service and health providers who maintain a superior service record
  • Each year, less than 5% of thousands of businesses earn the award
  • The award is based on Price, Quality, Professionalism, Punctuality, Responsiveness
  • Closet Works has received this award 12 times since 2002

Apr. 2015

Closet Works Celebrates 2015 Top Shelf Award!

Closet Works Wins Top Shelf People's Choice Award!

Project Description: A Triple-Purpose built-in, spanning an entire wall in client's master bedroom opposite the bed. The central section is the media center housing the TV, A/V components and Videos/DVD's in drawers (which can double as file drawers). The client followed the advice of having the TV mounted on an articulating arm, eliminating a "diorama-effect" that would've occurred had it been traditionally-mounted on the wall.

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