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Dec. 2014

The 360 Organizer by Lazy Lee offers 360 degrees of rotating storage

Closet Works Introduces the 360 Organizer® by Lazy Lee

The latest innovation in unique solutions to your storage needs!

We are excited to announce that the 360 Organizer® by Lazy Lee is now available at Closet Works! The patent-pending 360 Organizer uses an innovative rotating device to allow for 360 degrees of easy and quiet rotation, while dramatically increasing storage space.

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Nov. 2014

Reunite with the Outfits You Love

Take a moment to think about the most cherished outfits you've worn in your lifetime. Chances are this is a surprisingly easy thing for you to do. But can you remember the energy and excitement that came with wearing those outfits for the first time? Can you remember that very first day in a hot, new outfit? These closet organization tips will help you keep your wardrobe in order so that that perfect outfit is always ready to go.

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Oct. 2014

Closet Works Collecting Canned Goods and Coats for Local Food Drive

This November, Closet Works is participating in the Lakeview pantry coat and food drive. With 495,000 Chicagoans suffering from food insecurity, the Lakeview pantry aims to end hunger in the Chicago area by distributing food six days per week to people in need.

To get involved, drop off any canned goods or coats to the Closet Works showroom located at 2000 N. Clybourn Ave, Chicago, IL 60614. Please make sure to stop by with your donations before November 30, 2014. Thank you!

Sep. 26, 2014

Give Your Fall Wardrobe a Fabulous New Home!

free $25 VISA gift card from Closet Works

With the end of summer approaching, it's almost time to switch-out your wardrobe into one more suitable for fall. These closet organization tips will help you in doing just that. Now is the ideal time to improve your closet's organization. Call for an appointment today to get started on creating the perfect customized closet solution. Our professional closet designers. engineers, fabricators and installers, all strive to make your personal space as beautiful as it is organized.

Set up an appointment today and receive a FREE $25 VISA gift card! Or refer a family member or friend and also receive a FREE $25 VISA gift card!

Sep. 19, 2014

Looking to Reinvent Your Style This Fall?

Fall is the near universal time of year to reassess your wardrobe and update it for the new fashion year. It is also the perfect time to reinvent your style before beginning a new school year, a new job, a new opportunity, etc. The process of de-cluttering your current closet collection of clothes and finding the perfect seasonal replacements can be challenging. Some closets need minor maintenance and updates while others need to be entirely reinvented with a custom closet solution. This depends on the amount of room in your closet and whether or not you are satisfied with your current style. Check out these closet organization tips to get started.

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Sep. 12, 2014

The Closet Works Showroom Video Tour Sneak Peek

Have you ever wanted to visit the Closet Works showroom from the comfort of your own home? Well, now you can with the new Closet Works Showroom tour video. The video provides a sneak peek at our showroom facility in Chicago, Illinois. Checkout the video below or visit our new showroom page for more information.

To help with the Fall transition we wanted to share one of our favorite resources for wardrobe planning:

This resource is the ultimate guide to help you kick start your new style. It covers every step (and then some) in the wardrobe planning process. One of our favorite articles in this collection includes the wardrobe planning method borrowed from interior design ideas. That article can be viewed here:

Following the ideas found in this resource will help you plan the perfect wardrobe. And a well planned wardrobe, when paired with a well designed closet will ultimately help you become more efficient, confident, and stylish!

Interested in a custom closet to aid in your new style this Fall? Closet Works can help! Browse our closet photo gallery for ideas and inspiration. Then set up an appointment for a free in-home consultation with a member of our Chicago space saving closet design team. Or you can call us toll free at 1-800-4-CLOSET.

Sep. 5, 2014

Benefits of Having a Wall Bed / Murphy Bed In Your Home

Have you ever wanted to make more efficient use out of the space in your spare room/guest room? If so, then a hidden wall bed / Murphy bed is the solution you've been looking for. Whether you live in an apartment or a house a wall bed offers many advantages to a traditional bedroom set up.

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Aug. 31 2014

Closet Works proudly displays the USA flag in their Elmhurst Illinois headquarters

Thank You!

With Labor Day weekend approaching we would like to thank the entire Closet Works team for their incredible work in helping us deliver the best possible home organization products while supporting the USA. Together we are contributing to a quarter century long tradition of designing, engineering, and fabricating Closet Works organizational systems in the USA!

Thank you for all your hard work and have a great Labor Day weekend!

Aug. 22 2014

Help your children get organized with a new system from Closet Works

Relieve Back to School Stress by Revamping Your Kids' Closet Storage Space

Back to school season can be both exciting and overwhelming! As the routines of summer come to a close you have to prepare yourself for the chaos that often comes with the first few weeks of the new school year. One of the biggest issues during a school-day morning is getting your kids dressed and ready for the day. By investing time in organized closet storage and routine for your kids you can alleviate much of the morning stress that comes with the new school year.

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Aug. 15 2014

Closet organization graphic from Apartment Geeks
Click image to view the whole graphic

Simplify Your Closet with Ease

We recently discovered this wonderful closet organization infographic created by the good people at Apartment Geeks. The infographic presents ways to help people simplify their closet so that they can simplify their lives and hopefully save money!

The image covers a lot of the organization tips and tricks to maximize your closet storage space like we've been discussing here at Closet Works. It does an excellent job of sharing these closet organization tips in a simple, memorable way. We are definitely going to keep this one close for our future cleaning and closet organization sessions!

Aug. 8 2014

Walk-in closet design reviewed on

People Are Saying the Nicest Things about Us! Part Two

During this past winter we shared with you some of the heart-warming compliments we received from our customers. These wonderful compliments are hugely important to our closet designers and the entire Closet Works team. This motivates us to continue to give customers exceptional and memorable custom closet experiences. As we continue on into the late summer months we wanted to share with you some of the recent kind words we have received from people all over Chicagoland. Thank you for your continued support!

As an interior designer my personal relationships with vendors is something that I truly cherish. I've recently had the pleasure of working with a Closet Works designer on a project and have since brought her on to all my current projects. She has gone above and beyond making sure all my client needs are met and has made me look like a rockstar. Recently I had a tiff with one tile showroom and the service experience was awful. Five minutes later I spoke with Closet Works and what they did blew me away. There was a slight mix up on an installation and they took care of everything for me. They told me it was no big deal because service is what they want to give me. I couldn't believe how wonderful this was when I just had such a bad experience with the tile showroom downtown. Needless to say Closet Works is my go to shop for all my future closets. The installation guy took care of everything that needed to be done and was also a pleasure to work with. If you're in need of a closet reworking, call Closet Works to help you out. The pricing, service, product and installation are great! There is no need to go anywhere else.

Thanks to Closet Works and their team for everything.

Daniel C. –

Closet Works transformed my closets. We were combining houses and had to get everything into the closets at the smaller of the two. The Closet Works designer's design made effective use of all the space (we have very high ceilings). She did such a phenomenal job on the closets that when we were done, we had her build-in our office. She was with us every step of the way. She made sure our scheduling worked. And any time an installer was on the job, she came to check up on how it was going. No detail went unnoticed. Turned out that there was some stuff we wished we had done differently. Not to worry. The designer modified what we got to be what we now knew we wanted. She took back the stuff we didn't need and credited us for it. After it was all done, I needed help moving a shelf. The designer came over the same day and got it perfectly positioned. Some of my neighbors have been over to see what we had done and were just blown away at what she had accomplished.

Couldn't have been a better experience.

Marcia B. –

Aug. 1 2014

mud room design for a buzy family with many children

How to Stop the Clutter!

There is nothing like the feeling of coming home after a long days work to be greeted by the clutter of yesterday. It's exhausting to have to clean and organize the same spaces in your home everyday. That's why the best solution is not just to clean and organize, but to keep the mess from reappearing. Of all the cluttered spaces in our homes, the most vulnerable to excess clutter are the entryway/mudroom and the closet spaces. These home organization tips will alleviate the clutter build up in these two hot spot spaces in your home.

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Jul. 4, 2014

laundry room design for a buzy family

How to get the most out of your wardrobe and SAVE MONEY

A big part of closet organization has to do with maintaining your wardrobe. A lot of the time this means getting rid of clothes in order to downsize and make room for new clothes. Well, what happens when you're short on cash and can't afford to buy a new outfit every month? Sometimes the best solution is to make your clothes last longer. With proper clothing care and closet storage you can really extend the life of your wardrobe and save money in the long run.

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Jul. 2014

Why You Need To Meet The Closet Works Team

Our professional and hard working team members are the best trained and most experienced in the home organizational systems industry. They are involved in every step of your design and installation process for custom closet and organizational systems. Their expertise and craftsmanship help Closet Works set the standard for excellence in premium personal spaces. See the Closet Works team below:

Award Winning Designers:

Closet Works Design Team

Great Installation Team:

Closet Works Install Team

Jul. 2014

reach-in closet design for a woman

Summer Closet Clean Up Doesn't Have To Be Hard: 5 Tips to Declutter Your Closet

July is AC appreciation month. That means its time for an updated wardrobe to match the unbearably hot summer weather. Whether you're trying to stay cool or trying to stay organized consider these wardrobe organizational tips to help you declutter your bedroom closet.

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Jun. 6, 2014

garage cabinets for garage organization and storage

The Next 5 Things You Should Do For Summer Garage Party Success

Summer is here and that means only one thing: Outdoor parties with family and friends! Many of you will be using your garage space to host guests. This is an excellent idea, as the garage is the perfect space for keeping you, your guests, and your refreshments cool and safe from the hot summer conditions.

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Jun. 13, 2014

Acrylic Shelf Divider is Great for Organizing Closet Shelves

The Ultimate Guide To Closet Works Closet Accessories

From belt-racks and jewelry boxes, your closet system will benefit from closet organizing accessories. Take a look at some of what we have to offer in our excellent selection of closet accessories.

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Jun. 20, 2014

Garage Organization for an Avid Gardener

10 Reasons to Organize Your Home This Summer

Organization is the key to home improvement this summer. Whether you are improving an existing space or moving to a new space, home organization and storage is vital. Consider both the cost of clutter in your home, and more cost-effective ways to improve your living spaces.

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Jun. 27, 2014

Garage Organization System is the Most Wanted Gift for Father's Day

Give Dad the Gift of an Organized Garage

This Father's Day, give dad space for a workbench, fishing gear, sports equipment, lawn equipment, and more!

Before getting started, consider the functions of your garage. There are hundreds of different uses for a garage, and most of the time protecting your cars from the elements is not one of them.

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May 30, 2014

home office design solution for a very small space

In the final piece of our three part Organization Solutions series we take a look at a Closet Works home office custom design solution.

Closet Works Organization Solutions #3 — Home Office Storage Solution

The Closet Works Design team was approached to design a custom office/storage solution in a very tight space. The client wanted plenty of storage, but also wanted enough desk space for two desktop computers. There was also a large window to work around.

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May 23, 2014

Closet Works closet organizer photo contest grand prize winner

Closet Works Photo Contest Winner Announcement

After 3 months of receiving your beautiful photos, the Closet Works photo contest has officially ended. We want to thank everyone that has participated. Whether you submitted a photo of your own or voted on your favorite closet, we could not be more happy with your support. We now have our grand prize winner, 5 runner-ups, and 7 third prize winners.

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May 16, 2014

Closet Works Now Open on Sundays!

In order to better serve our customers and fans in the Chicagoland area we are opening our showroom doors every Sunday. The Closet Works Showroom, located at 2000 North Clybourn Ave in Chicago, features samples of our beautiful home organization systems. Stop by and see how Closet Works can help you with your home organization needs in your walk-in closet, home office, wall bed, media center, pantry, laundry room, mudroom, or garage.

Our new, updated hours are Mon-Fri 10 AM to 6 PM, Sat 10 AM to 5 PM, Sun 11 AM to 4 PM

Closet Works offers custom home organization systems for rooms of all shapes and sizes. To get started with Closet Works today visit our website at or call us at 800-425-6738 for a free in home consultation.

May 9, 2014

the organized closet photo contest second prize winner 1

Vote for Finalists in Closet Works' Custom Closet Photo Contest

Thank you and good luck to all our participants in the Closet Works Photo Contest. We appreciate your participation and the photos that were submitted are beautiful. As of May 1, we are no longer accepting entries for our "Win a $1,000 Custom Closet System from Closet Works" contest. We are down to 14 finalists. Check out their photos below and make sure to vote on your favorites before voting ends on May 14. We will reveal our grand prize winner, as well as our second and third prize winners, on May 17.

This contest and voting is now closed.

Apr. 25, 2014

home media center solution and fireplace surround

Closet Works Organization Solutions #2 — Media Center with Fireplace

In the second part of our 3 part series, Organization Solutions, we take a close look at a completed Closet Works media center organization solution.

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Apr. 18, 2014

bedroom wall unit surrounds bed

Closet Works Organization Solutions #1 — Bedroom

In the first of our 3 part series, Organization Solutions, we take a close look at a completed Closet Works bedroom organization solution.

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Apr. 11, 2014

home office and guest room combination with with wall bed

Closet Works Designer Wins Prestigious Top Shelf Design Award

Sue's design was selected as the winner in the 2014 Top Shelf design awards for a home office over 150 Square Feet. Congratulations Sue!

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Mar. 28, 2014

Closet Works $1000 photo contest

Win a $1,000 Custom Closet System — Contest Extension!

We are happy to announce that we will be extending the submission deadline for the Closet Works photo contest. We are now accepting photo submissions through April 30 2014. Submit a photo of your completed Closet Works organization system before the new deadline and you could win a $1,000 custom closet system! Or a $250 Gift Card! Or a $25 Gift Card! Remember, the 16 photos with the most votes will win a prize, so send in your photo of your Closet Works organizational system today — and WIN!

Contest submissions are now closed.

Mar. 21, 2014

Closet Works walk-in closet renovation

From Dreary to Dreamy: Custom Closet Perfection (with Photos!)

This closet space went from Fab to Fabulous! The customer had a current plain, no frills closet in this space overlooking her gorgeous master bath.

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Mar. 14, 2014

Closet Works closets are a personal sanctuary of organization

People Are Saying the Nicest Things about Us!

At Closet Works we love nothing more than giving our customers a memorable experience and an exceptional organizational system. That is why it motivates us, especially during these long, dragging winter months, to see such heartwarming compliments as the one Anthony has given us below.

Our client is now in love with their bedroom/office multipurpose room!

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Feb. 2014

enter the Closet Works photo contest

Enter Our Facebook Photo Contest and Win a $1,000 Custom Closet System from Closet Works!

We would love to see a photo of your Closet Works organizational system! Starting now through March 31, 2014 share a photo of your Closet Works installation with us and be entered to win a $1,000 custom closet system!

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Jan. 2014

unique multipurpose room with wall bed for guests

Designing and Installing An "Out of Sight" Home Office/Guest Room (with Photos!)

We recently helped a client with a custom project for their home office/guest room. This very creative client made unique requests that provided us with new and exciting design challenges. We knew that this would be a very custom wall bed/home office project for us. So, we enlisted two of our talented engineers to help make this project happen.

Our client is now in love with their bedroom/office multipurpose room!

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Jan. 2014

mudroom storage tips

Mudroom Storage Tips for Get Organized Month!

January is the worst time of year for keeping your house free of mud, water and grey slush. Keep your entry room organized, efficient and well decorated this January with these simple mudroom design tips:

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Jan. 2014

get organized month

Get Organized Month!

It's the beginning of the New Year and it's time for New Year's resolutions. People around the world will be organizing their lives and their homes in order to have a fresh start to 2014. In fact, National Get Organized Month begins this January. So, what are some of the benefits of getting organized?

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Nov. 2013

organized closet

Small Laundry Room Ideas

Small laundry rooms can make it tough for doing laundry. Cramped, narrow spaces mean you have very few places to set your essential laundry items, let alone the laundry itself. You might be forced to squeeze into a small laundry room that simply won't accommodate your needs. However, with a bit of creativity, you can maximize the space of a small laundry room and turn this oft-used room into a pleasant space.

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Sep. 27 2013

Closet Works increases production facility

Closet Works, LLC Expands Capacity to Meet Rising Demand for Home Organization

Professional closet organizers and designers know that one of the secrets of a great looking closet is matching hangers.

Even all white plastic hangers make the closet look cohesive and organized. Using the proper hanger will often save space and be better for the garments. My favorite hanger is an open end slack hanger for pants folded in half. It saves space lengthwise and makes it easy to take the pants off and on the hanger.

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Sep. 2013

organized closet

Tips and Tricks for an Organized Closet

Professional closet organizers and designers know that one of the secrets of a great looking closet is matching hangers.

Even all white plastic hangers make the closet look cohesive and organized. Using the proper hanger will often save space and be better for the garments. My favorite hanger is an open end slack hanger for pants folded in half. It saves space lengthwise and makes it easy to take the pants off and on the hanger.

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Mar. 11 2013

hooks made from clamps courtesy of Etsy and Urban Wood and Steel

Hip, Happenin' Hooks For Hanging In & Out of Your Closet

Hooks are one of the most accessible sources of storage and organization you can utilize.

Having a quick, easy, open place to hang anything (inside or outside of your closets) from keys to coats really helps minimize piles and clutter. And getting in the habit of putting items on hooks is an easy one to develop and keep over the long term.

So why not incorporate some hooks with style that make you smile? (I know, it's a rhyme, but these cool hooks can do both — so take a look).

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May. 7 2012

toilet paper rolls can be useful to organize electronics

Seven Smart Solutions for Organizing Electronics

If you just love terrific tips that are easy to implement — here are seven super ideas for organizing your electronics:

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Mar. 27 2012

custom closet solution for angled and sloped ceiling

Closet Design Solutions From Any Angle

A Walk-In closet space is fun for any closet designer to design. It's also fun for any client to have as a place to call "home" for their wardrobe.

And when the space is square or rectangle with a standard eight or nine foot ceiling and few or no obstacles — all the better.

But angles make things more complicated because angles typically equal more difficult accessibility.

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Jan. 24 2012

custom murphy style wall bed for guests

Wonderful Wall Bed

Working in an urban setting where space is quite the commodity, most rooms do double duty in terms of function.

And one of the most popular "double duty" purposes is putting in a wall bed so a room can be used as an office or den — but then accomodate guests when they visit.

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Oct. 7 2010

how to deal with odd shaped spaces in closet design

Closet Design Tips for Weird Shaped Spaces

He's a single City dweller who combined two condos into one unit.

The space connected the master bedroom to the bathroom — so everything needed to be behind closed doors. He didn't want anything out in the open — but hidden and out of sight. And that included not only hampers, but hanging.

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Apr. 12, 2010

how to compare closet bids and designs

The Checklist: Comparing Custom Closet Bids & Designs

Whether you've decided to stay in your home and do a remodel or take the plunge and buy a home — odds are you'll be addressing storage issues.

Almost every American home has them, and homeowners define them as very important, according to research conducted by the National Association of Home Builders, which indicates that two of the most important things to home buyers these days are "built-in cabinetry and cleverly hidden storage spaces."

So if you're about to embark upon the journey to organization Mecca by getting custom closets — here are some things to look for if you're comparing designs and bids:

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Mar. 17, 2010

how to compare closet bids and designs

Now My Dresses Can Breathe

So, now that I'm all settled in our home, I'm finding neat things about the closet systems every day. Last week I learned that the closet doesn't have to stay the way it was originally installed. The beautiful thing about my new closet is the fact that I can customize it to my own specifications at any time.

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Jan. 8, 2010

how to hang clothes to save space

How To Hang Clothes and Save Space

You've likely got all kinds of garments hanging in your closet — some you love — some that don't fit — some you wish would fit — some you spent way too much money on... And all of them wanting a place to hang out.

One of the easiest ways to double your storage capacity in your closet design is to incorporate "double hang" into your closets. Double Hang is defined as having two rods that accommodate short hanging items (typically one at 40" and one at 80").

Some options that clients have used for their custom closet design include:

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Dec. 11, 2009

how to compare closet bids and designs

Money Saving Tips for Creating Your Dream Closet

In this blog post, Closet Works, Chicago's premier closet organizer company, offers money saving tips on creating a custom closet, pantry, wall unit or other organization system.

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Nov. 2009

best hangers for your closet

Best Hangers For Your Closet

Not all hangers are created equal! And if you're still using wire hangers and keeping your clothing on the ones the dry cleaner gives you — then you've got huge room for improvement!

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