All-In-One Craft Room, Art Studio and Wrapping Paper Room

All-In-One: Craft Room, Art Studio and Gift Wrap Room Organization System

Project Description

This craft room/art studio offers an inspirational space to let your imagination flow freely. With seating for two crafters or artists, the light, bright space keeps everything clean, fresh and organized to maximize the available resources for two creative minds to work at once. Pull-out shelving is a great way to organize paints and small jars that tend to make a space messy and cluttered. The glass shelving can be used for a combination of display and attractive storage pieces. The use of glass further enhances the light, bright feeling. Drawers keep scrapbooking supplies out of site, but readily available. Pull-out wire baskets are perfect for yarn and fabric storage. Closet rods are pressed into service as innovative wrapping paper roll dispensers.

The storage doesn't stop at the table top. Under the table, pull-out velvet shelves are installed to store delicate paper drawings, pastels, sketches and watercolors. Vertical storage bins hold in-progress canvases, allowing them to dry without smudges. One cabinet holds a pull-out recycling and trash bins — something everyone needs but might not want to look at — keeping them concealed from view for the majority of the time.

  • White laminate with River Rock accent shelves
  • Shaker Mission style door and drawer fronts
  • Swarovski polished chrome curved crystal knob
  • Pull-out wire basket for yarn and fabrics
  • Pull-out waste and recycling bins
  • Vertical storage for canvases
  • Shoe cubbies used for display
  • Glass shelves
  • Round closet rods used as gift wrap dispenser
  • Pull-out velvet shelves for storing watercolors, pastel and charcoal drawings
  • Under cabinet LED puck lighting
  • Silestone countertop
  • Contempo crown moulding
Craft room, gift wrap and art studio custom storage solution

Detail Views

Pull-Out velvet shelves for pastels and chacoal drawings
Concealed Tash Receptacle
Wrapping paper dispenser made from closet rods
Gift Wrap Dispenser
custom storage and organization system for crafting, art, painting, drawing and gift wrap
Vertical Storage for Canvases
contrasting shelf for arts and crafts storage shelving tower
Contrasting Tower Shelves in River Rock
Glass shelves are both decorative and hold craft supplies
Glass Shelves for Decoration & Supplies
Pull-out shelves for paint and art supplies
Pull-Out Shelves for Paint
Pull-Out velvet shelves for pastels and chacoal drawings
Pull-Out Velvet Shelves for Delicate Drawings

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