Professional Art Studio and Attic Renovation with Custom Artist Storage System

Artist Studio — Attic Atelier

Project Description

This attic renovation converts unfinished space to a beautiful atelier for a professional painter/artist. Custom storage integrates into a niche under the eaves, adding organization for canvases, sketch pads, paints and artist's tools. Storage is key — having an organization system that sets aside "a place for everything" creates an attractive and functional space for a highly specialized profession, while reclaiming a previously under-utilized area of the home. A large farm style table, previously located in the kitchen, was repurposed as a desk/worktable for the artist's studio and positioned in front of the windows, creating a perfect spot for sketching ideas and creative brainstorming. The table is conveniently located across from the custom wall unit storage that holds all the tools of the trade. Vertical storage for canvases, shelving for books and sketch pads, drawers to organize smaller items, a countertop to keep a selection brushes out and available, as well as additional shelving on the sides to hold Plein Air equipment keeps this talented, busy, professional artist well organized and able to handle numerous commissions at one time.

  • Custom storage system color: Aria laminate
  • Matching Contempo style door and drawer fronts
  • Bar style brushed chrome handles
  • Five maple sidemount regular drawers in varying heights
  • Side wall unit shelving and vertical storage
Professional art studio and attic renovation with custom storage solution

Detail Views

custom storage and organization system for drying canvases, paints and sketches
Natural light floods the table and custom wall unit storage system
A custom work counter is fitted around the projecting roof line
Custom wall unit storage is fitted under the eaves and sloping roof