Art Studios & Craft Rooms

Whether professional or ameteur, an artist requires a lot of storage space. An art room, at its core, is a type of production facility. Without adequate storage for supplies and in-process projects, the room soon becomes clogged with individual projects and nothing more can happen. Drying racks, also referred to as vertical storage, are very important in keeping in-progress work undamaged. Drawers and shelving keep the materials of the trade well organized. Neutral walls usually work best and don't compete with the color of an artwork. Lighting is also key when drawing, painting or doing crafts. Making the most of available natural light is a must, but an even source of supplemental artificial lighting is also usually necessary in order to extend the hours that the space can be used. With careful planning and some help from Closet Works, you can keep the creative juices flowing in a custom designed art space like these!